Work from home tips

Prepare your workspace

Open the shades, make your bed, and prepare for the day ahead.

Block schedule

Make a list of the most important things you need to get done, and order from high priority to low priority. Do the high priority things first, getting them out of the way.

Morning mindfulness

By scheduling out times for mindfulness and/or breathwork sporadically throughout the day, we can take the tenets and reminders learned there into daily life, therefore decreasing stress.

Intentional nutrition

Eating nutrient dense meals with fruits/veggies, protein, healthy fats, and slow release carbohydrates help to optimize attention and satiety.

Avoid too much caffeine

Rather than continue to guzzle coffee (which can sometimes mimic anxiety), I instead reach for more hydrating beverages. Water, decaf tea, kombucha, seltzer, and bone broth are all great!

Put the phone down!

To maximize productivity, strive for a few hours of dedicated, no-phone work before taking a break.

Move a little

This helps keep energy levels up and can break up the day. Strive to go for a walk at some point during the day if your schedule permits.

Schedule relaxation time

 Putting the phone away by 9pm and reading a book before bed helps decompress after a long day and ease into the evening.