Things to do on Big Island, Hawaii


You’ll want to rent a car to visit all of your desired destinations! Especially if you plan on visiting both Hilo and Kona.

Go night swimming with manta rays.

This can only be done on Big Island so make sure to put it on your itinerary and book early!

Go on a coffee tour

Kona is known for its coffee. There are guided tours you can purchase or you can head to a farm for a tasting!

Head to Volcanoes national park 

An active and breathtaking daytime activity - no reservations required!

Stroll through the volcano tubes!

This is also part of the Volcanoes National park!

Visit a green or black sand beach!

Simply breathtaking!

Hike Captain Cook Monument

Bring a snorkeling set and snorkel at the bottom! A short though rigorous hike with a stunning swimming hole at the bottom.

Watch the sunrise/sunset at Mauna Kea!

Group tours are available to gaze above the clouds!