Tips to navigate your healthcare appointment

Advice from a physician assistant 

Know the red flags before you go

Chest pain, shortness of breath, or dizziness? Best to mention those in the beginning of your appointment so they can be triaged and addressed in full.

Vocalize what you hope to get out of your appointment 

 That way, your provider has an idea of how to frame the encounter. Communication is key!

Go in with a plan

Pick one or two things you REALLY want to address in full. That way you have enough time to discuss them in detail.

Schedule close follow- up 

Sometimes you can’t get to everything and that’s okay! Schedule close follow up appointments for the things you didn’t have time to get to.

Bring something to do for the waiting room.

It’s always a bummer when you have to wait. So bring something to do in the waiting room - a book, magazine, crossword - whatever helps ease your mind and pass the time.

Get comfortable with the idea of not getting a diagnosis right away 

 Sometimes these things take TIME. And you may not get all of the answers in one appointment alone.

Call your insurance first!

If there are labs you definitely want to get done, be sure to call your insurance first to see what they cover. That way, you avoid a huge bill.