How to find a protein bar

Look for whole food ingredients first, ex. oats, nuts, seeds. The first ingredient is typically the ingredient that is most abundant in the product, so you want it to be real food!

What's the first ingredient?

Order of ingredient matters! They typically appear in order of highest density, aka the ingredients  used most are the ones that are listed first.

What are the other ingredients?

Pay particular attention to added sugars, as a lot of ingredients have naturally occurring sugars (especially if fruits are included in the bar).

Check sugar content

Fiber slows the absorption of sugar, and therefore helps prevent huge upticks in blood glucose. It keeps both your blood sugar and mood stable!

Look at the fiber!

Look for sugar alcohols,  guar gums, and added ingredients. These are often added as binders, stabilizers, and preservatives. If you're prone to digestive issues, these may lead to feelings of bloating and discomfort.

Check the added ingredients

It's a protein bar after all. Is there enough protein to help fuel you for whatever activity comes next? Something to definitely consider!I

Protein content!

Are you able to recognize each ingredient on the label without any question of what’s in there? If so, you’re good to go!

Are ALL the ingredients pronounceable?