Things to do on a long flight without Wifi

I recently went to Hawaii and came to realize there was no wifi on the 11 hour flight (hahahahaha). So here’s what we did on the plane instead!

  • Read a book 
  • Do a crossword puzzle
    • Or sudoku / coloring – keeps the hands and mind busy!
  • Get up and walk around! 
    • Even just doing calf raises in your seat helps! Bonus points for wearing compression stockings for blood clot prevention.
  • Drink water!! And go to the bathroom
    • set an alarm on your phone as a reminder to drink water every half hour.
  • Download movies or tv shows prior to the flight 
    • So important to do BEFORE the flight in case wifi isn’t available.
  • Delete items from your phone and organize your home screen
    • No better time to free up some space to have room for new memories wherever you’re traveling!
  • Bring a journal and write/reflect
    • Take advantage of the quiet time
  • Download podcasts or playlists
    • That way you can listen to your favorite tunes rather than your neighbors. My favorites are here.
  • Take a nap
    • Arrive at your destination rested and restored!

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