Restorative Yoga Poses with ZENB Snack Sticks

As some of you may know, I’ve just recently finished my yoga teacher training. Whereas I used to use yoga as a form of intense exercise, I find the more I practice it, the more I reap its spiritual benefits. I once enjoyed the hot, sweaty, flowy vinyasa classes, but I now savor taking things super slow, focusing on form, control, and breathwork. I was even introduced to restorative yoga during my training and it was nothing short of blissful.

Spending a lot of time in incredibly comfortable postures with little to no effort exerted. And the emphasis is placed entirely on relaxation and restoration – two words that are absolutely crucial during the busy holiday season. While in my training, I was always on the hunt for quick grab and go snacks. Near the end of it, I was introduced to ZENB Veggie Sticks, a vegetable-based snack whose mission is to take more parts of vegetables, including those you may not eat (think: stems, skin, seeds) and form them into absolutely delectable bar that’s a good source of fiber. They are non-GMO and free from gluten, artificial flavors, colors, and preservatives. They were perfect for refilling my well physically, as in keeping me full, satiated and energized during those long 8am-5pmdays of teacher training. It was also super portable and fit perfectly into my little yoga mat carrier pocket. 

If you need to refill your well spiritually, these restorative poses may be just the thing for you. During this time of year, it’s incredibly important to place a focus on turning inward. Finding time for self-care even though free time feels a bit more limited amidst the stress and craziness that is the holidays and new year . You can do these postures at anytime of day, especially when you feel your mood starting to plummet or unravel. Or when you’re having trouble winding down from a really busy day. They do require a bit of equipment at home, but can easily be done with a book and blanket or sturdy pillow. I’d recommend holding each of these poses for 5-10 minutes if you have the time to get the relaxation effects.

Legs up on a block against the wall

– Place your block underneath your sacrum as you walk your feet up against the wall.
– Pairs well with: Red Bell Pepper Veggie Stick


Supported fish

– Place a block on the medium height, width-wise under your shoulder blades and the other block tallest height under your head. Place your hands by your sides with palms facing up.
– Pairs well with: Corn Veggie Stick

Supported supta baddha konasana

– Place a two blocks on the medium high underneath each knee
– Pairs well with: Beet Veggie Stick

Go get your free trial of ZENB Veggie Sticks! Just pay $4.99 shippping and handling, terms and conditions apply

Thank you ZENB for sponsoring this post. It’s a privilege to work with companies whose snacks I truly love!

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