Resources for PA School Clinical Rotations

You’re starting rotations!!! YAY! Finally out of the classroom and ready to see patients again. An equal hybrid of excitement and terror is likely coursing through your brain. But fret not. Here’s a list of a few things I found helpful on my rotations, most of which can fit right in your pocket.

I think the most important thing you can do is WAIT until you start the rotations. I know tensions and anxieties are maybe running high, but in most cases, the preceptor(s) were the ones to provide me with great resources. Many rotations have things available to students so you don’t need to keep racking up out of pocket expenses.

Over the coarse of my rotations, here’s what I found to be useful for me.

Things I kept in my white coat pocket: 

Resources for rotations: 

A note: most of these resources are NOT AT ALL 100% necessary. I would first start the rotation without buying anything and see what the site has available to you. Most rotations already have some resources they like students to use. If there’s a speciality you love and are thinking about going into, then I would consider buying additional resources. I included a few below that I found to be helpful..

Studying for EOR exams: 

For tips on how to conquer rotation and EOR study guides, head to this post.

What about you? Any resources you found pivotal for your rotations in PA school? Let me know!

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