Productivity Tips 2020

Thumbs way up for another week almost down. This one was a busy one with starting the nutrition fellowship. A few tips to optimize time when you’re juggling a few different things. While I’m not expert in productivity tips, there are a few things that have helped me along the way. Especially during weeks that feel especially busy.

  1. Set boundaries (saying no to opportunity that don’t excite you to instead focus and conserve all your energy on the thrilling things!). This one is really tough because I used to want to do and say yes to everything. But it’s really just impossible. And I’d so much rather focus wholeheartedly on projects I’m so incredibly excited about rather than a few projects and feel completely scattered.
  2. Discover your peak optimizing productivity hours – do you like getting things done in the morning or evening. Do your most time blocking during the times you know you get the most done / feel most focused. For example, I’m such a morning person. If I put things off until the afternoon or evening after work, there’s a good chance it’s not getting accomplished.
  3. Do a little de-cluttering every day. Rather than waiting for the weekend to clean / do laundry, I like to do a little every day. That way I can save weekend time to get more interesting things done!
  4. Time block. I’ll block out time on the weekends to get majority of my blog / business work done. I block out a few hours a time to do similar work, rather than bouncing around with a few different things at once. Helps me focus and optimize the time I have. For example, one hour of just emails, another hour of content creating, another creating educational information for patients, another of writing captions and sending content for approval, etc.
  5. Have a running weekly to do list and prioritize which things definitely need to get done, hope to get done, can get done at a later time. That way I know which things to focus on first. Then I’ll re-evaluate it daily and shift things around so I always know which things need to get done first on each day.
  6. Get organized and plan ahead. I plan all my content (captions included) the week ahead. So that way I can largely just hit post in the morning! This gives me time to focus on only work and medicine during the week – reading up on cases I saw during the day, creating educational content for patients, creating smart phrases on the EMR (if you know you know). As well as on responding to comments / DMs when I get home. I’d so much rather spend time connecting with you all than feeling stumped writing a caption when I get home from work!
  7. Ask for help! What helped me beyond measure was finally getting some help with the behind the scenes work. Getting home from PA school and hounding businesses for invoices and replying to emails felt so incredibly draining at the time. And now I have my amazing management company (Smith + Saint) to help me! I’m so much more efficient with some help on the sidelines!
  8. What are you non-negotiables / over-arching goals. I obviously can’t do it all. And my engagement on social would be better if was more active in the community. However would I rather spend an hour commenting on photos or on researching for a new blog post. It depends and varies! But asking myself this question helps me re-set and hone back in on my goals.
  9. Set a deadline as if you’re being paid for it. I’m sure we all know the feeing of procrastinating and putting things off. So make very clear deadlines with yourself and think of ways you can reward yourself when you finish!
  10. REST!!!! Turn your brain off when you need it otherwise you will burn out and burn out quick. I made this mistake in PA school big time. When you feel yourself getting scatter brained is when you need a break. Pay attention to your body’s cues! Sometimes it’s like hey. Plz rest. By taking just a little time away to rest your mind leads to far more productivity in the future.
  11. Move slowly with intention. This kind of goes with the above. Sometimes I find myself rushing and panicking through things – getting overwhelmed with how much I have to learn or how much I have to do. In these moments, I take a step back, get mindful and really focus on the task in front of me. Otherwise I start rushing and I mess up. There was a time when I did an entire project for a company and then realized at the end that I didn’t follow directions and took pictures of the wrong thing. Which was just so incredibly frustrating wow. Even remembering it now is painful. So if I take a little time before and move slowly and mindfully, it saves me way more time in the future.
  12. Don’t engage with things that don’t serve you. This means no longer spending hours crafting responses to mean / hurtful comments and DMs. Because it’s draining and most of the time gets me no where.


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