Preventing Food Waste in your Kitchen

A few tips to prevent food waste in your kitchen! 

  • Re-use ingredients
    • Even if you have just a hint of spinach left, use it to toss in a smoothie later in the week rather than tossing out.
  • Meal prep meticulously
    • Plan out your meal prep so that you can re-use your ingredients and aren’t wandering aimlessly around the grocery store (yeah, we’ve all been there).
  • Keep pantry staples readily available
    • This way, you can make a meal out of mostly pantry ingredients when you’ve maximized your meal prep mid-week. It’s like a free meal!
  • Freeze leftovers to enjoy in the middle of the week
    • Now you don’t have to worry about ingredients spoiling and have extra meals readily available.
  • Keep produce on hand that stays well for longer without spoiling.
    • Those carrots, celery, and onions will make the perfect mid-week omelette.
  • Save your food scraps!
    • Turn them into a soup or broth to sip on all week long.
  • Keep herbs in water
    • cover them with a silicone or reusable mini bag to keep them fresh for up to 2 weeks!
  • If you get sick of your own meals, ask to swap with a friend!
    • It’s like take-out but more personalized!

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