Pantry Staples Grocery Guide – 5/3/20

I’ve got a new meal plan up for this week and it’s a good one. Super simple dishes that taste great with minimal clean up. 

As a reminder, there is no one right way to eat. I provide these guides, simply as that: a guide. Not an end-all, be-all, follow-precisely rigid schedule. Because I don’t thing that leads to any sustainable behavior change. I instead like to make these if you’re just feeling stuck, and the thought of figuring out what to make this week amongst all the other impossibly long to-do lists on your schedule is just unbearable. I hope it helps!

For a list of what’s in my pantry, check out this post!

on the menu this week: 

  • breakfast: chia seed pudding parfait, veggie egg bake
  • entrees:one pot paella, sundried tomato pasta bake, avocado tuna tower, salad with leftover veggies and hummus
  • snacks: carrot cake cashew bites, dates stuffed with coconut butter, celery / apple with almond butter, carrots / celery with hummus

find the full downloadable pdf here:PANTRY STAPLES GROCERY GUIDE 5:3:20

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