Heading into week 2 of quarantine, and definitely feeling Emotions big time. A strange hybrid of deep sadness for but also extreme pride and appreciation for the healthcare workers that were my classmates and now peers. THANK YOU, FRIENDS! And then sprinkle in some intense guilt for not having a job in healthcare right now and just sitting on my license. So yeah, I average 200 tears per day and oscillate between feeling hopeful to then overwhelmed and sad again. While I continue to brainstorm ways to help, I figure creating content that others will find useful is an okay place to start. So I created a meal plan for the week using lots of pantry staples!

Because I know grocery stores are limited in the meats department, this week is entirely vegetarian. It’s a 5 day meal plan, and includes 3 meals and 2 snacks per day, hopefully with many things you already have on hand. It’s packed with veggies, but 80% veggies that keep well for awhile so nothing goes to waste.

On the menu: veggie egg cups, banana bread oat bake, chickpea tuna mash, Lentil Bolognese over spaghetti squash, and veggie pad Thai. Plus, enough ingredients for smoothies and loaded toasts for snacks.

You can find the full pdf here –> PANTRY STAPLES GROCERY GUIDE

For a huge blog post with a list of all the meal plans I’ve done over the years, click here.

And for a full list of what’s in my pantry, check out this post.


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