My Makeup Routine with 100% Pure

For quite some time now I haven’t used filters on my face while using social media apps. There are a few reasons for this. 1. I want to look like a human and not something created in an editing app and 2. I strive to represent feeling comfortable in your skin, exactly as you are.

These tenets spill over to most other aspects of life, too. So it seems only natural that my make-up products and routine also embody this philosophy, hence my adoration for 100% Pure. Their formulations adhere to strict purity standards, and are free from harsh or toxic ingredients. They source pigments from things found in nature (think: fruit, vegetables, tea, and cocoa) and avoid commonly used colorants and heavy metal dyes. The ingredients are thoughtfully sourced, and are completely cruelty-free.

My overall make-up aesthetic is “natural noticeable.” I aim to highlight, rather than conceal, what I already have. Below are a few of my stripped back makeup “routines,” one of which emphasizes no make-up at all! 

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The everyday look:

If I were on a desert island and had to choose just one single piece of make-up, it’d be a mascara. Hands down, no argument. Finding an all natural mascara, however, is no easy feat. I love the way 100% Pure Fruit Pigmented Ultra Lengthening mascara lengthens and separates without clumping, smudging, or flaking. It’s multi-purpose: nourishing and conditioning lashes while also serving as a mascara.

If that desert island somehow allotted me two items, my second would be either a brow gel or a highlighter. I just adore the look of a strong brow. Mine are still somewhat recovering from the over-plucking that was performed in the early 2000s, which is why I love a brow builder that not only sculpts but also add volume. 100% Pure green tea fiber brow builder is naturally pigmented AND has Pro Vitamin B5 and E to strengthen and encourage growth.



Day to night look:

If I’m heading from work to dinner with a friend, I’ll toss on a lipstick to transition to that official night look. I’ve always favored a natural look over colors, but springtime has me singing a different tune. The 100% pure semi-matte lipstick is a strong statement without being overpowering. It’s long-lasting color is from REAL FRUIT (!!!) with a blend of cocoa and shea butters to moisturize and soften lips. Sandstone pictured here. **chefs kiss**


The nightly unwind: 

As they say, what goes up must come down. Which also means what goes on, must come off (wow, am I philosopher now or what?!?). This applies to make up at least. 

Once my long days of being in clinic or staring at a screen are over, I relish in taking off my make-up and doing a little skincare recovery. Now being in my late 20s (hello, 29, nice to meet you), I need a little brightening and de-puffing. If I’m at home and finishing up notes / paperwork from a busy day in clinic, I’ll start with the coffee bean caffeine eye cream. The eye cream boosts circulation and instantly brightens dark circles. I’ll then help combat the squinting by putting the 100% bright eyes depuff + brighten eyes masks on. They’re SO soothing and add a little self care to the end of my day. 

If I have a bit more time, I’ll toss on the ginseng collagen boost mask and tap into mindfulness or a guided meditation. Or dive into a chapter of a current book I’m reading. The eye cream boosts circulation and instantly brightens dark circles. It’s hydrating, anti-aging and promotes collagen production for a firm complexion!

Regardless of which 100% Pure product you choose, you really can’t go wrong! Thank you 100% Pure for sponsoring this post. It’s an honor to get to work with a brand I already incorporate into my daily life!

Code GO4PURE25 gets you 25% off!


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