Holiday Gift Guide 2016

I herein present to you my most favorite products for gift giving this holiday season. They range in expenses (and are arranged by price), some are free, some are themed, some are subscriptions, some are for bloggers, some are fitness oriented, and others are just totally and completely random. Which means hopefully (?) there’s something for everyone. Read more below!

  1. The Pinner Test: This food sensitivity test may reveal more about why you have symptoms like: moodiness, brain fog, headaches, migraine, cognitive impairment, fatigue, heart burn, joint pain, arthritis, asthma, eczema, acne, rosacea, dark circles, gas, bloating, constipation, autoimmune disorders, weight gain, difficulty losing weight, and even food cravings. I recently did this test and realized I’m sensitive to chickpeas, cow’s milk and pork. Read more about food insensitivities and my experience with Pinner Test here. Use code TWISTOFLEMONS for $60 off. Price: $430 with discount
  2. Vibration Platform:  Benefits include: improved circulation, increased flexibility and better balance, stronger bones (recommended for individuals with osteoarthritis / osteoporosis, joint and back pain relief as well as motor function impairments. Price: $250
  3. Inversion Table: I heard of this while listening to Bulletproof Radio podcast. An inversion table boasts so many benefits, including: alleviating back pain by creating space between disks, joint pressure relief, stimulates the lymphatic system, increases circulation, and helps maintain posture and height. Price: $200
  4. Daniel Wellington watch: I love this black on black watch. Makes me feel ultra cool and matches with everything. Wore it to a flash mob last week (yes, you read correctly, a flash mob) and received SO many compliments. It was the perfect talking point to distract people from the fact that I should not have been at the holiday party and didn’t work in HR, but was actually just there to spontaneously dance. Use the code LEMONS for 15% off any item! Price $200
  5. Prana Mat: This mat is part of my daily wellness routine. Its little spikes, though they take a bit of getting used to, serve as the therapeutic equivalent of acupuncture. It’s like a massage on a mat, and has been shown to help relieve minor back and neck pain, improve your quality of sleep, boost energy, and increase skin’s elasticity. Mat and pillow are CURRENTLY on sale and use code twistoflemons10 for an additional 10% off your order! Price: $186 for mat and pillow; mat: $121.50
  6. MyJuiceMan 3-in-1 Juicer: You know those moments of wanting to save counter space but also wanting a juicer and a blender and a citrus squeezer. Enter this stage left. It’s small enough to fit on any counter, is easy to clean, AND is affordable. Code LEMONS for 30% off. Price with discount: $85
  7. Stove top grill pan: When you cold as fu** and can’t be bothered to go outside and light up the grill. This is the solution. This is how I get all of my sourdough / tortilla grill marks (like in this photo) and what really kickstarted my passion project I like to call #grillmarksaresexy. Plus it’s currently on sale! Price: $80
  8. Lighting for foodies: Ever wonder how foodies get perfect lighting even if you see them staging a photo at night? This. For more in depth resources, check out Minimalist Baker’s post. Price: $72.99
  9. Essential Oils / Diffuser: Instant stress relief and a great wellness habit to take on in the New Year. Not only are they soothing, but can also serve as decongestants, can be added to baths, make for relaxing foot soaks OR can be mixed with all natural laundry detergent to give clothes an all natural scent. Simply add 12-15 drops of your favorite essential oil to the recommended amount of liquid detergent. Mix well, and then add to your wash as you normally wouldOils: $6-$10. Diffuser: $65
  10. Marble slab: This is the marble slab I use for some photos. Price: $60
  11. A new pillow: I started seeing a chiropractor this year and always attributed my pain to my back. Come to find out my neck was pretty fu**ed up. The pillow linked is the one parents bought and on my wish list. It’s definitely worth doing your own research as a good pillow dramatically affects sleep quality if you can believe it. Price: $50
  12. Rebounder: Some benefits of rebounding include: boosts lymphatic drainage and immune function, great for skeletal system and increasing bone mass, helps improve digestion, more than twice as effective as running without the extra stress on the ankles and knees, increases endurance on a cellular level by stimulating mitochondrial production (these are responsible for cell energy), helps improve balance by stimulating the vestibule in the middle ear, helps improve the effects of other exercise- one study found that those who rebounded for 30 seconds between weight lifting sets saw 25% more improvement after 12 weeks than those who did not, helps circulate oxygen throughout the body to increase energy. Price: $50
  13. Treadmill attachment for laptop: I am literally using this right now as a craft this gift guide. I found that as a student / blogger I was sitting so much during the day. Now I use this on the treadmill to walk at a slow pace and review lectures / respond to emails. Increasing movement throughout the day is crucial for decreasing chronic inflammation. Price: $40
  14. Teak Bathtub Caddy: This caddy singlehandedly prevents bath time boredom (read: hunger). For an idea of how much it can hold, click here. Price: $40
  15. LIVELY bralettes: This is truly the first bralette that hasn’t given me the dreaded sag / triangular shaped bussom. In addition to a kick ass product, the mission of the company is something I am so passionate about. Their definition of sexy is: smart, healthy, active and outgoing. It is everything I strive to embody and keep close to heart so I love to put their bralettes on my body and close to my heart. Code TWISTOFLEMONS for $10 off any purchase! Price: $35 ($25 with discount code)
  16. Paleo Passion Foods Paleo Granola: I must say, I am wholeheartedly and whole tastebudedly addicted to this granola. It’s super low in sugar (only 4g per serving) and the sweetener used is maple syrup (form of prebiotic fiber!!!). Perfect way to start switching up your snacktimes and mornings. Use code lemons15 for 15% off and free shipping! $22 for a pack of 3.
  17. Franklin and whitman skincare: While I stand behind the idea that skincare should be nearly 100% diet, this is what I use on a weekly basis. I love that the botanical steams double as decongestants during the winter months. I’m also really into the Queen Village face mask and hair serums. Use code LEMONS for 20% off any order. $20-$25
  18. Cocokind Face Oil and Brow Balm: Surefire way to instantly transform into Brooke Shields: brow balm. Also doubles as a mild lip stain, so it’s a one stop shop for a makeup’s make up look. Also the chia face oil gives you that ever elusive “dewey” look without having to contour. And doesn’t cause break outs! Seems odd to use face oil to make your face less oil but just accept the oxymoron and trust me. Around $15
  19. Imogene and Willie smudge stick: I went to Nashville with a friend a few years back, and the smell of this store is what I preserve most in the nostalgia bank. NOSE-talgia bank lolol. This is what the store smelled of – light, earthy, and serene. Plus you feel really cool and like a wizard, Harry, when you light this up and wave it around. This is the coolest thing to get someone when you’re ballin’ on a budget. Plus it’s from a pretty obscure store making you feel ultimate chic and curated. Price: smudge stick – $10
  20. Philosophie Palo Santo Wood Sticks: The idea behind the sticks is to “clear bad energy.” Honestly they just smell amazing with hints of pine, citrus, and mint. These sticks are also a gateway into stalking the rest of Sophie’s products. I really love the cacao magic and green dream protein powders as well because they have no added sweeteners! Cost: sticks – $10 // powders: $15
  21. Rachael Good Eat’s Tote: This tote is awesome. Maybe I’m biased because it’s made by RGE, but it’s the best size when you’re out there grinding during a #farmersmarkethaul or at #traderbro’s. Plus it’s durable and has a pun on it. Winner, winner, plant-based dinner. $16

THEMED GIFTS for under $100

Ghee latte:

Go with your gut:

The Yogi:


  1. Put together a list of your favorite podcasts for a friend. My favorites are: Dear Sugar Radio, Modern Love, Hidden Brain, TED Radio Hour, How I Built This, Bulletproof Radio, and Revolution Health Radio.
  2. Can’t ever go wrong with homemade gifts: Try your own fermentation station or even some granola. I love these ones from In It 4 The Long Run, Fit Mitten Kitchen, and RachLMansfield.


  1. TWN collection: A seasonal delivery of functional foods & lifestyle essentials that protect & promote your health. Made by a Registered Dietitian and a Doctor. They are delivered quarterly – winter, spring, summer, and fall, and all products are vegan! I keep mine in the car and it’s the perfect rescue for a much needed traffic snack. Plus Lisa is a super warrior boss, and if you get this collection you too will adopt this subtitle. Use code LEMONS for 10% off any order. Price: $40 per quarter ($36 with discount) – received 4 times per year.
  2. Alexia Clark Workout subscription: These workouts are actually INSANE! They do require some equipment, but I’ve been able to modify enough that they’re still worthwhile. It eliminates boredom and questioning what to do for a workout each morning. Just wow. Amazing. $30 per month
  3. Daily Harvest Smoothies and Superfoods: This company started with smoothies, and now they’ve entered into the soup game.  These make for truly the most satisfying and convenient mornings. I have friends that have subscribed to this service and LOVE IT! Delivery prices start at $50
  4. Sun Basket: Organic and non-GMO ingredients, responsible sourcing, and just plain amazing. The ingredients are also remeasured and delivered straight to your door, so nothing goes to waste! Starts at $12/meal
  5. Peachy Brand: The Peachy pouch touches on occupation, relationships, anxiety, stress and even health preferences, all while doing so through carefully curated and personalized product selection. I love the combination of some homemade remedies (e.g. French lavender satchet, soothing balm, and body mist) with leading health and wellness brands. Overall, I just love my Peachy and I’m so happy I was introduced to this company. Price: $46
  6. Nectar and Green Almond Milk subscription (Boston based): Think old-fashion glass milk bottles delivered right to your door. But made with fresh, organic pronounceable ingredients. They currently deliver (on Tuesdays) to all of Boston and Cambridge, as well as to prepaid pickup locations in the following neighborhoods: Beacon Hill, South End, Back Bay, Jamaica Plain, Kendall Square, Brookline and Cape Ann. 1 quart a week: $14.

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