Holiday 2018 Gift Guide

One of my favorite thing about gift giving is creating a theme and getting a few small things relating to said theme. So I came up with five themes below with gifts of all price ranges (some even free!!). Discount codes also included! Enjoy, sweet wonderful friends!

For the Fitness Fanatic: 

  • Kettleboobs: I absolutely love these!! Kettleballs with boobs on them! They also come in different varieties like GRL PWR and cactuses. So, so cute. 
  • Google Home for music. Whether I’m working out or cooking, sometimes you just need to really jam.
  • Subscription to online Workout Service – check out this blog post for a bunch of online workout subscriptions!
  • Booty bands – I use these all the time during home workouts. Or if I’m just studying at my desk for hours on end! Very portable and fit in any backpack or travel luggage. 
  • Class to a local gym – find a class in your area and buy one for your loved one!
  • TRX band – TRX is already having a HUGE 30% off discount sale. And you can use the code KatieTRXGift10 for an extra 10% off all items!! 
  • Yoga mat: There are a million different mats out there. I love my lululemon nonstick one and have had it for years. Non-slip even during super sweaty classes. 
  • Fitness attire: one of my favorite leggings brand is Booty by Brabants – don’t be deceived by the one size fits all. They really do look amazing on everyone!! I also love everything Beyond Yoga makes – my favorite kit right now is these leggings and this bra.

For the Stressed Out Mess: 

  • Traditional Medicinals Nighty Night Tea: I drink this every night before going to bed. Really trying to elevate my bed time routine, and this is a very small, easy, and affordable way to lull yourself into a slumber.
  • A bath teak (I like this one)
  • A bouquet of Eucalyptus or lavender – I always keep a little sprig of eucalyptus in my room and refresh it for around $5 every week. Keeps the room and my mood feeling fresh.
  • Lavender essential oils  if ever you’re feeling overwhelming, just put a drop of lavender essential oil on your wrists and take a deep inhale. 
  • Aera essential oil diffuser: I use this every day when I get home. Doesn’t require water so it’s no mess and you can set alarms for it! Waking up to the smell of lemongrass is so refreshing. 25% Black Friday sales! Code TWISTOFLEMONS20 for 20% off!
  • Body oils – I love the Frank and Whit lemongrass oil!! Code LEMONS for 20% off
  • Really dark chocolate – I love everything Taza or Eating Evolved has to offer. I keep dark chocolate coconut butter cups in the freezer for emergencies.
  • A list of light-hearted book suggestions – I have a list of books that I keep in my bookcase here. 
  • A soothing music playlist – make your friend or family member a soothing playlist!! A cheap but thoughtful way to induce some calm and relaxation 
  • Subscription to a meditation app: I personally like the app Headspace, and used this when I was first getting into meditation.
  • A class to a local yoga studio: find a studio in your loved one’s area and purchase a class for them! 

For the Conscious Consumer:

  • Reusable produce bags – love bringing these to the grocery store or farmers market! 
  • Reusable tote bag for groceries – very affordable gift to encourage friends to ditch the plastic in the grocery store or farmer’s market 
  • Stasher bags – reusable plastic bags!! I use these every single day!
  • Weck jars: these are what I use for meal prep. So stackable and make for easy storage. 
  • Glass Tupperware: I bought mine from BJ’s and its as pretty affordable.  
  • Silver straws: Love these from Crate and Barrel! 
  • Reusable travel silverware: great for travel to avoid plastic cutlery 
  • Healthy human coffee mug / smoothie container: 

For the Clean Green Beauty Kween:

For the Winter Wallowers:  

  • Comfy blanket – I’m really crushing on this one 
  • Weighted blanket 
  • Verilux light lamp – for those feeling the winter blues, I LOVE this light lamp!! I get home from clinic and just shine my face in it for 10ish minutes. Such an amazing gift during the dark days 
  • Buying someone a plant: seriously the BEST way to spruce up a mood. get something living in your room!! 
  • LL bean slippers: the comfiest, coziest thing to ever meet your feet 
  • Flower subscription 
  • Succulents 
  • Cozy hat 

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