Healthy Guide to Philly

My trip to Philly philled me with a lot of pheelings. It also filled my stomach. I am of firm mind that the best way to see and get to know a city is to plan places you’d like to go and walk everywhere. The places I wanted to go just happened to be all eating places, hence the full stomach comment. I also managed to squeeze in a few workouts, and two out of the three places offered your first class free. I was only in Philly for around two days, but it was enough to feel bewitched by the city, and I already have another trip planned back. Each place has a link to either a menu or website, with prices and locations included. Check it out below! And thank you to my good friend / hopefully future roommate Laura for this insane sunset shot.


Grindcore House: This was my first stop in Philly and an incredible way to kick off the trick. Be forewarned the musical ambiance in the sitting section is heavy metal, which may seem incongruent to a soothing milieu for getting work done, but it just worked. Or maybe I was just too entranced by what I ordered to notice. All the tastes cancelled out all the sounds: iced lavender almond milk latte, the Greenwich on sourdough (avocado, hummus, spinach, tomato, cucumber, seed mix), and a gluten free, vegan s’more.

open 8AM-8PM

1515 S 4th St, Philadelphia, PA 19147

price: $

grindcore house

La Colombe Coffee Roasters: I popped in on my way to a Lithe class and ordered an iced almond milk latte like the bourgie millennial that I so desperately try to be. The sign read the espresso had hints of cocoa and a variety of other things. My “palate” was not distinguished enough to tell because I took a sip and all that registered was “delicious! amazing! yum! me like!”

Multiple locations throughout the city. I went to 1414 S Penn Square, Philadelphia, PA, 19102

price: $$

Honeygrow: I made my own salad, and did the whole thing through touch screen. They also have something called the “honeybar” in which you can choose 3 fruits, honey or maple syrup, and toppings like coconut shavings, dark chocolate chips, granola, or local plain yogurt. Note to self for next time or for breakfast options.

open 11am-10pm

110 S. 16th St., Philadelphia, PA, 19102

price: $$

Animo Philadelphia: Their credo is: highest quality ingredients and best-tasting food. Natural, organic whole foods is the name of this game. I ordered breakfast and lunch here, as I had an all-day interview. Acai bowl with a remade green juice for meal 1 and hummus and veggie bowl with added quinoa, and local kombucha for meal 2. They also have a frozen banana custard available and you can add fruit, chocolate, pb, granola, honey, coconut, chia seeds, or hemp seeds for toppings. For next time.

open 7AM-8PM

1701 Arch St., Philadelphia, PA, 19103

price: $$

animo spread

PS & Co: I ordered a gluten free pineapple coconut bread and a refreshing green juice before a workout. The ambiance is incredible. Wish I spent more time here, but had to make a Unite Fitness class, and I walked from here. Hello step count!!!!!!!!! 10K a day look at me go!!!! Sitting is the new smoking!!!! As an aside, I’ve now been sitting for over two hours drafting this city guide.

open 7AM-7PM

1706 Locust Street Philadelphia, PA, 19103

price: $$


Charlie was a Sinner: Came here for drinks but the bar is fully vegan. I ordered La Rebelion, which is cazadores reposado, del maguey vida, watermelon shrub, and lemon. I do not know what any of those ingredients are. But I do know they tasted good all together. My friend ordered the Chi Chi (titos, pineapple passion fruit, coconut, and lime), which was a little on the sweeter side but also amazing. You can even also order wheatgrass shots infused with chartreuse, which is a cool thing that is cool. I came here with non-vegans, and I am also a non-vegan and we all didn’t notice the non-meat menu and I would definitely go a(ve)gan. Granted, my friends did want me to lick a philly cheesesteak afterwards, but I was like already zooooo full from my avocado toast!!! The avocado toast is actually unreal though. As were the artichoke frites. Or maybe I just had the drunchies (drunk munchies, in case this word isn’t colloquial). Austin, if you’re reading this, don’t fret. I am usually just a dainty bird who only eats #lean #protein for #obliques and #gains.

open 4PM-2AM

131 S 13th St, Philadelphia, PA 19107

price: $$$

Front Street Cafe: I ordered the vegetable hash (potatoes, squash, mushrooms, kale, peppers with poached eggs), a side of house dressed greens, local kombucha on tap, and almond milk latte. They also have acai bowls and things like quinoa oat porridge: a healthy foodie’s dream come true!

open 6AM-2AM

1253 N Front St, Philadelphia, PA, 19122

price: $$

front street cafe


Philly Power Yoga and Thrive Fitness Studio: I walked from here to Honeyglow for dinner. The studio is a few floors and smells amazing. I chose the Thrive Cardio Sculpt class and it was a great way to break a sweat after a long drive. Super fun and like a combination of pilates and dance cardio.

2016 Walnut Street, Philadelphia, PA 19103

class: $18, but they do have a new client special – 21 Days for $49

Bok Bar: rooftop bar, free entrance, affordable drinks, local beers, local eats with Vietnames, Filipino and Indonesian flare, skyline views, nothing more needs to be added. I think on Thursdays they offer a yoga class on the roof, as well. Must be 21 to enter and cheap, Vietnamese food

1901 S 9th Street, BOK, 8th Floor, entrance on the corner of Mifflin and 8th Street, Philadelphia, PA, 19148

price: $$

The UNITE workout: 75 minutes class. The class begins with elevated heart rate when the trainer comes over and describes the class. Ironically, I was describing his aesthetic splendor to the friend I stayed with when I got home and she had previously matched with him on bumble. HAVE OUR STARS ALIGNED OR WHAT. AM I MOVING TO PHILLY??????

Anyways, okay, regroup. The class starts with 30 minutes of cardio intervals (I chose to spin, but you can also run or row). As I mentioned, the front desk staff and then trainer will take you through how to set up the bike / the general pace of the class. Defer to what I said about not being present for this social transaction, but once the class gets going, it’s easy to follow along. Also, I should mention that part of my moral being encompasses a clause in which I do not like to move at a pace that exceeds 2.7mph. I will never be a runner and I am not a cardio kween, however, I was srsly sweating and motivated during this part of the class, and I managed to make it through. Next you move to 30 minutes of strength training – this particular day was legs and back. Next you almost die but right when you are on the cusp of the afterlife, boss Austin (lol sounds like Boston. I live in Boston. Um fate via jeax de mots??? I think yes.) leads you into stretchies / yogies and even gives you massagies if you stay till the end of class. Not for the faint of heart. Seriously, I almost fainted. But also one of the best workouts I’ve ever had followed by an unparalleled surge of endorphins. Highly recommend.

105 S. 12th St | Philadelphia, PA 19107

price: first class free

Lithe: I definitely did not loathe this class at Lithe. The studio is pristine. At this point in my fitness endeavors, I’ve taken enough bar classes to feel like okay I’m good here. I’m no longer challenged and I find them quite boring. This class had the small muscle movements of bar, but embedded choreographed cardio into the mix throughout the class for added raised heart rate – both from embarrassment because it took a little while to get the moves down but also from fun and excitement and sweatiness. I did the “stems” class which didn’t utilize the ceiling bands, but I can’t wait to come back to take another class and try them out. It was like a hybrid of barre and pilates and dance. baratteance? pilancearre? darrelates? Whatever it was, it was fantastic.

219 Cuthbert Street, 4th Floor, Philadelphia, PA 19106 – but there are other locations throughout the city

price: first class free

For next time:

All the Way Live: I guess kind of a hole in the wall but can get your choice of 3, 4, or 5 items. Click on the link of the menu. I’d definitely choose soulful greens, sea green salad, hummus, corn salad, and quinoa salad. Or maybe the lasagna made with nut cheese, veggies and zucchini “pasta.” Too many of the things. Too little of the time.

6108 Germantown Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19144

HipCityVeg: I want the banana whip.

214 40th St., Philadelphia, PA, 19104 – 11AM-11PM

127 S. 18th St., Philadelphia, PA, 19103 – 10AM-10PM

price: $$

Vedge: Looking at the menu is too painful and induces extreme FOMO. The restaurant is vegan and includes the likes of: stuffed avocado with romesco, pickled cauliflower, and black salt; wood roasted carrot with pumpernickel, sauerkraut, carrot mustard, and carrot kimchee; seared mattock mushroom with celery root fritter and smoked lee remoulade; shaved brussels sprouts with smoked grain mustard; zucchini blondie with rosemary ice cream and squash blossom gazpacho; and chocolate bar with elderflower caramel pecans, blackberry jam, and lavender ice cream. Talk about cutting (v)edge menu items. I will be back.

1221 Locust St., Philadelphia, PA, 19107


price: $$$

Freehouse fitness studio: They have a rebound class which is essentially jumping on a mini trampoline as a workout for 50 minutes. The class was full by the time I booked and I never made it off the waitlist.

1430 South St., Philadelphia, PA, 19146

single class: $18

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