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When in school, it was pretty difficult to enjoy the seasons. Each one was kind of like waiting for the next to be over. It felt pretty grey to be honest, and this is just no way to really LIVE! After first year, this mindset definitely improved. I leaned into the importance of taking breaks. In feeling re-invigorated and re-inspired in order to get back to the marathon amounts of studying and focus. In getting outside and immersing myself in the life and color that surrounds me, ESPECIALLY during the popping of the fall foliage.

Inspiration came through getting outside, maybe driving a little, and spending time with loved ones. Or conscious mindful time alone. As we enter into this new season, I’m encouraging myself to do more of this. To explore with curiosity this region that I am so lucky to live in.

And I’m doing so in partnership with ZipCar.

While Boston is pretty easy to navigate without a car, it’s amazing to get outside the zip code of public transportation and see all that New England has to offer. If you don’t have a car, you can rent one through ZipCar and pay by the hour. Want to make a quick drive to the gym across town? Sweet. Or spend an entire day in New Hampshire doing a 7 hour hike. That also works! I love the flexibility, affordability, and sustainability that this company allows. Cars usually go for ~$12/hour, and it’s just $7 a month to be a member.

Once you have your car, GO EXPLORING!! Lean into childlike curiosity and, put rubber to pavement and get moving. I’ve compiled a list of my personal autumnal to-do list below. Some activities are near while others require a bit more commitment. They range from doing things to eating and drinking things, so hopefully there’s something for everyone!

  1. Climb Bunker hill monument – Charlestown, MA [FREE]
    1. A great way to get a birds eye view of Boston while also getting in some exercise.
  2. Visit Salem – Salem, MA [FREE entrance; price depends on activity]
    1. Just a quick 35-55 minutes from Boston (traffic depending) with TONS of seasonal things to do. Salem is known as a “witch town,” and boasts many a haunted houses and ghost tours around Halloween time. You can also walk by the House of Seven Gables – New England’s oldest wooden mansion.
  3. Go on a scenic driving tour in the Berkshires
    1. This one’s a bit more of a drive. 2-3 hours in the car, depending on traffic. But amazing hikes and views of fall foliage. If you decide to make a weekend out of it, I’d recommend TNTRR or Tourists Welcome!
  4. Go apple picking
    1. Depends on where you want to go, but you can definitely get to an orchard within the half hour. Check out this site for a list of places and prices!
  5. Carve pumpkins
    1. You can buy pumpkins at most grocery stores and items can be purchases pretty easily on Amazon. An activity that requires very minimal travel for the homebodies.
  6. Hike Mt Greylock / Mt. Lafayette
    1. Greylock: [$5 parking fee for MA residents, $10 for non-residents] Adams, MA – The highest peak in MA at 2,491 feet. Boasting gorgeous views!
    2. Lafayette: [FREE] Franconia, New Hampshire – 2-3 hours north of Boston depending on traffic. The hike was absolutely stunning with amazing foliage views. 5260’ to the top. Which translated to ~6.5 hours of hiking with a few brief breaks included. Not for the faint of heart, but views so stunning you may just faint at the top (kidding..)
  7. Visit the MFA for late night dancing! Friday October 25th-26th from 8pm-2am
    1. Tickets $12-$20. Late-night dancing, DJs, eats, outdoor beer garden and more!
  8. Head to a dance show at Urbanity: October 24th – 26th at Urbanity Central
    1. This is a “dance crawl.” You’ll see a variety of performers throughout various South End locations. I love this company! I take a lot of dance classes here, and their shows are always phenomenal.
  9. Spot some impressive foliage:
    1. Mass Audubon’s Broadmoor Wildlife Sanctuary – Natick, MA (35-55 minutes, traffic depending). Gorgeous views and walks. You can even take a fall foliage canoe tour!
    2. Quabbin Reservoir: – One of the largest unfiltered water supplies in the US! Takes a bit longer to get to, ~2 hours. $6 to park
  10. Walk around Walden Pond – Concord, MA
    1. ~30 minutes from Boston. $8 to park for MA residents; $15 for non-residents – Where Henry David Thoreau wrote some of his works and came to unwind. Walking around the famous pond or boat in the water! There’s also a replica of Thoreau’s single-room cabin.
  11. Harvest Party at Boston Public Market – Oct. 24th, 2019
      1. showcase the best of New England, guests will be invited to celebrate with BPM vendor food samples, New England brewery & cidery pop-ups, open bar from 7 – 8pm, live music and dancing
      2. tickets start at $50
  12. visit High Street Place when it opens – Boston, MA – [FREE admission)
    • 18,471 SF food hall that will unite 160 Federal Street and 100 High Street. Can’t wait for this to open!
  13. Go cranberry bogging! Plymouth, MA. I’ve always wanted to do this! ~1 hour from Boston.
  14. Visit Peregrine and walk around Beacon Hill, Boston
    1. Acorn St. boasts Boston’s most photographed street. Just stunning around this time of year and can’t wait to try this restaurant! It’s the sister restaurant to one of my favorites (Juliet in Somerville).

Hint: if you’re driving in Boston you may want to download ParkBoston and ParkMobile apps. ParkWhiz is also sometimes helpful!

Thank you ZipCar for sponsoring this post. It gave me great joy to compile a list to get myself excited about this upcoming autumnal season.

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