Facial Massage with Jeannie Vincent

I had the absolute pleasure and privilege to do an Instagram Live with my friend Jeannie Vincent: esthetician, green beauty expert, reiki master, and founder of Beauty Mystic. She took us through an easy 15 minute face massage, to quickly make you feel more connected to your body and mind. It’s so soothing, only requires a few simple tools, and is a versatile routine to incorporate into your day-to-day. You can catch the full IG Live here.

To recap:

  1. Spray your face mist liberally on face. You’ll want to do this prior to moisturizing with oil because it acts as carrier for oil to absorb. Reach for spring or floral water, or toner without alcohol.
  2. Put a few drops of face oil on your palm, spread it between your fingertips, and pad it into your face. Put a few extra drops on your neck as well.
  3. Face roller – for full video, check out this post.
    1. The most important thing is to start on neck because you’re working to drain lymph fluid, and the neck is a big drainage point. Start by rolling back and forth on collar bone, inside to outside (medially to laterally). Roll 6 times on each side.
    2. Next, roll down all sides of the neck. 
    3. Moving on to the face, use the large side of the roller, start at the right side of the chin and go up and out towards the hairline, rolling up the jaw line. Only use a medium amount of pressure.
    4. Flip to smaller side of the roller and go right under the eye on the right side, again rolling out towards the hair line. Next, roll over the eye lid gently.
    5. Repeat on other side of your face (left), starting with the large side of the roller on the jaw and cheek line, and small side for the eye area (left).
    6. On the forehead and using the large side of the roller, move up the center of the forward, then out across the forehead towards the hair line.
    7. Drag one long stroke from the sides of the forward, and down the neck. Repeat on both right and left sides.
    8. If you can reach around to get the back of your neck, go for it!
    9. Finish how you started, rolling out from the collar bone on each side six times.
  4. Face massage with hands:
    1. Grab the chin with your thumb and index finger (thumb below the chin, and index finger right below the bottom lip) and trace along the jawline out towards the hairline. Repeat 6 times then do on the other side.
    2. Next grab your cheek with your pointer finger and thumb (thumb below the cheek bone and pointer finger above it) and draw back towards ear. It’s basically like you’re giving yourself a face lift. 6 times each side, then repeat on other side of the face.
    3. Forehead. Hook the thumb under brow bone, which acts as a pressure point. With the pointer finger along the top of the brow, and the thumb hooked underneath, drag along the brow bone and out towards the hair line.
    4. On the forehead and using the sides of the pointer fingers, trace from brow line up to the hair line, spanning the entire forehead.
    5. Temple massage!
    6. Shiatsu! Rest your second, third, and fourth fingers above the brow bone and gently tap six times. Then repeat this under the eye, on the cheek bone, and on the temples.
  5. Gua Sha: works on a deeper level than the jade roller.
    1. Start at the base of the neck and drag up the spine with the grooved side of the Gua Sha. You want your spine to be in the middle of it. Wiggle when you get to the hairline because there are many lymph connections there.
    2. Then move to the sides of the neck, moving up towards the hairline. A few times on each side. 
    3. Next move onto the front of the neck with the smooth side of the stone. Here, use much less pressure and try to have the stone flat. 
    4. Next move up the cheek bones, starting at the jaw and moving up towards the ears. Use the flat side, and gently pull up. It should be a smooth glide. 
    5. At brow bone, use the curved side of the stone. Hug it around the brow bone and glide out towards hair line. Use the wiggle technique when you get to the hairline.
    6. Rest a finger on your eyelid and using a flat side of the stone, lift the brow up. Repeat on other side
    7. Hold the flat side of the stone on the brow, and gently drag it up to the hair line.
    8. Hold finger on base of nose in line with eyebrows and drag stone up towards hair line.
  6. Spoon (if you don’t have Gua Sha)
    1. Using bottom/outside edge of spoon against your face, gently draw spoon from chin to cheek bone.
    2. You can also use it around the eye with light pressure from cheek bone to hairline.
  7. Ice cube! 
    1. Use the cube in same upwards motion to massage the face. Follow the same path as the face roller, except for on the neck. Ice is nice to finish to help with inflammation to reduce red spot. 
    2. Drag it up and out from the cheek bone to hairline. A few times on each side.


**apply more oil if the stone or spoon starts to pull

***drink water throughout the day after this to optimize lymphatic drainage

For full Gua Sha video, click here.

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