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The Essentials

Compiling a list of all of my favorite things here!

2021 Gift Guide

Ultimately aiming for simplicity / minimalism, but here are a few items I’ve been thinking about for the holidays this year.

Protein Powder Review

All of your protein powder questions answered here! I purchased, tasted, and reviewed popular protein powder brands!

Sustainable self care with ALDI 

As a primary care physician assistant, I think a lot about sustainability with behavior change. Many of my patients have diabetes …

Take Care: 20 ways to tap back into parasympathetic

The question that has changed my practice the most in the last year is: “what do you do on a day-to-day …

Back to Routine with egglife

This post is sponsored by Egglife. Wake me up when September ends, Greenday said (clearly dating myself here). But they got …