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Adding Nutrition to my medical practice

When I first started as a PA, I was at times dubious about how I could realistically incorporate nutrition into my …

Meal prep tips + recipes, 03/2023

I absolutely agree that meal prep can be a drag, but it’s (unfortunately) just so helpful when I have a full …

Boston / Cambridge food recommendations 2023

Here’s a list of my favorite Boston/Cambridge food recommendations at the moment: Boston dinner:  Boston bars:  Cambridge/Somerville dinner:  Cambridge/Somerville bars:  Cambridge …

Small ways to take care in 2023

About a year into practicing as a family medicine PA I started asking people this question as part of a physical …

Morning routines with California Prunes

I received a question recently about finding balance in PA school and that was just something I was never personally able …

Breakfast ideas, 01/2023

Sharing some recipes that I’ve been having for breakfast on repeat lately!