Hi, I'm Katie

I sift through the noise and confusion of nutrition and healthcare research and present it in a way that’s realistic, accessible, digestible, and dare I say it….maybe even a little bit fun? With a few puns sprinkled throughout just to keep things cute and spicy.

As a certified physician assistant and yoga instructor with a master’s in nutrition, I deeply study and understand all different realms of health. From holistic to western medicine, I see and hear it all.

I'm here to help you navigate the many spheres of "wellness" and form it into language that resonates and inspires.

I graduated from Northeastern’s PA program in August of 2019 and passed my boards shortly thereafter (you can find my study schedule for the PANCE here as well as a post with all of my end of rotation exam study guides here). I was once again struggling to decide which field to enter into because I enjoyed a few different things. I ultimately took some time off after graduating, did my yoga teacher training certification, and then landed my dream job as a primary care PA in a community health setting in the Boston area. You can read all about my journey to getting my job here. And some answers to some FAQ about life as a new grad PA here. I also pooled some responses from classmates about getting their first PA jobs here.

For a full set of all the posts I’ve written about my educational journey, be sure to check out my education index here.

And what a journey it has been. 6 years of really hard work. But it is an absolute privilege to be able to be where I am now.

The goal I had for my educational background is to have necessary skill-set to prescribe a robust range of interventions – from nutrition to lifestyle to pharmaceutical when necessary. I plan to integrate nutrition into my medical practice, focusing on how food can be used as a preventative wellness plan, as well as a source of psykaleogical wellbeing and vitality. I was even recently accepted to a nutrition fellowship for PAs and will be beginning that in August, 2020. Excitement!!

What began as a hobby, this site and its associated social media fingerlings are now a pun-packed passion.  Since healthy food has been genetically passed on to me (see: last name Lemons), I use this platform to present all of my favorite recipes and habits with a twist – foods and behaviors that taste good and make you feel good; it should never have to be one or the other.

I’m also using this site as an excuse to post my favorite food puns.

It’d be a KALEamity not to, you know?

Want to know more about my education?

Visit my Learn page for more information about my education background and endeavors.