2023 gift guide

Around this time of year there is so much pressure to spend, especially when tensions and overstimulation are high.

While this post may have some links and ideas for purchases, it’s also a plea to stop and think before spending. A pause before purchasing.

As I noted in my post about difficulty focusing and times of distraction, it’s much easier to spend when in a place of high emotion. So truly check in before buying, and consider if it’s something that you or someone else truly needs. Or if it’s just the pressure of consumerism during this time of year. 

Holiday gift guide:

For purchase: 

  • Loftie alarm clock: currently on sale ($111.75, normal price $149). I did a lot of research on alarm clocks in an attempt to finally leave my phone out of my bedroom and this is the one I decided on. It has a ton of options for ambient noise. You can download an app with it, though it’s fully usable without an app after set-up. Also has a 60 night money back guarantee. 
  • Calpak: currently on sale (for $102, normal price $128). I purchased this during a previous sale and I wish I did sooner. This is what I now bring to work and use for travel. It is SO SPACIOUS. And it fits right over my carry-on. I couldn’t stop talking about it during my recent trip to Brazil that my coworker also got one. 
  • Headphones (normally $248, currently $229). I was back and forth with wanting the Apple headphones for the last year and couldn’t justify the price. I ended up going with these ones instead and couldn’t be happier. Not only are they so sleek, but incredibly comfortable and such effective noise cancelation. So happy with this purchase. 
  • Keep BK candle ($54.50): I cannot shut up about this candle. I found it in a store in Provincetown, Cape Cod a few months ago and have since sent it to two friends. I have the wood cabin flavor and it’s just so perfect for Fall/Winter. Also love this whole company’s ethos. 
  • Candle warmer (normally $49, currently $31.99). I bought this to extend the life of above candle. So far it’s INCREDIBLY effective. I’ve had it on nearly constantly while in my apartment and the candle isn’t even half way finished. 
  • Mandrn satchel: (normally $219, currently $164.25). I had been looking for a satchel for a few months and then found this one (a few people I follow on social media have them). I ended up buying one for myself for my birthday and I absolutely love it. The quality is amazing and it’s so versatile. 
  • Just Lyne (currently having a Black Friday sale of 25% off): This is the company that Mike used to design the sweatshirt I have with Red’s face on it. Also offered on t-shirts. Such a cute gift idea for pet lovers!
  • Treadmill walking pad (normally $250, currently $160): I don’t currently have one, though will likely purchase when I move next week and have a bit more space. I love walking though loathe going outside when it’s raining and horribly dark out. Having the option to move a little when writing my notes for work would be nice!
  • Migraine headache relief cap (normally $50, currently $25): my dad is impossible to buy for, and this is what I plan to get him this year. He gets nerve headaches after work sometimes and I feel like this may help? Why are dads so hard to buy for??
  • Summer Fridays jet lag mask (normally $49, 20% off currently offered on their site): my skin gets so dry in the winter, so this is typically what I add to my regimen. It says it’s a mask, but I use it as a moisturizer. 
  • Skims boyfriend long sleeve ($49): this feels incredibly random but I purchased one of these a few months ago after being influenced by a creator I follow, fully expecting to ship it right back as a return. But the material is so buttery soft and stretchy. I wear it both to bed, as a layering piece, and on its own. It’s such a nice staple, and I fully plan on buying a few more in different colors. 
  • Owala water bottle (currently $20.99, usually $27.99). If there is one purchase that changed my life this year, it’s this. This is truly the only water bottle that has convinced me to drink more water. May sound like hyperbole, but is the actual truth!!
  • Caraway pans (prices vary): I’ve had these pans for years and really do love them. Sturdy, well made, and hope to have them for many years to come.
  • Beyond yoga tops (usually $68, currently $47) – I have this one and this one and love both! The quality is so good and material so soft. My favorite athleisure brand.
  • Range subscription! ($35/month). The gift that keeps on giving. If you’re local to Boston and looking for private pilates sessions, I’d also definitely recommend Patton Pilates!
  • Bala bangles ($65, though currently 30% off with their Black Friday sales). I use these when taking Range classes and really love them. They add such gentle heat.
  • Other subscriptions: see if you can take on a loved one’s pre-existing subscriptions, ie to news sources, Substacks, or even recurring bills. Very unglamorous / not very sexy gifts, though incredibly useful. 

For free: 

  • offer to find a loved one options for therapy 
  • plan a game night
  • curate a list of your favorite books or songs (personal list or on GoodReads)
  • get a library card 
  • create a Pinterest board of new recipes to try 
  • clean out closets and plan for a swap of clothing or other items with a friend
  • offer to clean or organize for a loved one
  • make a home made card and detail your love and gratitude for your person
  • bake something 
  • simply tell your loved you’re thinking of them, though unsubscribing to mindless consumerism 
  • offer your time and/or expertise for your loved one to use in any way they’d like!

Note: some of the links above are affiliate links and I may receive a small kick back if the item is purchased through the link. As always – thank you for your support!

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