2022 Gift Guide

This year I decided to ask the audience what they’re asking for on their gift/wish list. Lots of different options and price ranges for everyone in your life!

For the homebody:

  • Range subscription ($35/month). This is done by my friend Kara Duval and it has truly changed my life. It’s kind of embarrassing how much I can’t stop talking about it on social media LOL. I literally haven’t been to a gym in 2 years because of Kara and what a joy it’s been.
  • New silverware ($35.99): love the matte black look on these. Adds a little slice of luxury to mealtimes.
  • Bala Bangles ($40): I use these daily when taking Kara’s classes on Range.
  • Brooklinen Robe ($80) a personal favorite! I put this on after work nearly every single night.
  • New candle ($82) – I know this amount of money for a candle doesn’t seem normal, but I can’t even begin to describe how soothing this smell is. It transforms over the layers and makes my apartment smell so so cozy.
  • Caraway Pans (prices vary): I just love these pans! Non-stick and they genuinely motivate me to cook more.
  • Blender ($195): I’ve seen this blender all over IG and I’ve also been big time eyeing it. 
  • Headphones ($449): Currently almost $100 off
  • Offering to get someone’s house/apartment professionally cleaned.
  • Getting someone a CSA paired with a favorite cookbook.
  • Get someone libby subscription or Library card and give them a list of your favorite books!
  • Propagate house plants to give to someone! (so creative and thoughtful and the gift that literally keeps on giving)
  • Gifting homemade tea tins from garden chamomile and sourdough bread (love this idea!!)
  • Print out some beloved photos and frame them.

For the adventurer:

  • Fanny Pack ($95): love this little fanny pack for mini trips when I don’t want to bring a purse.
  • Beis Weekender: ($98) I’ve been eyeing Beis for awhile and their weekender holds so much! Love the idea of getting this as a gift and planning a weekend getaway with a friend and/or loved one.
  • Backpack: I’m personally in need of a new back
  • Camera ($599): Ok this is currently on my wishlist and while it’s likely still going to remain on the wishlist for awhile, I’ve heard great things about this one! Seems really intuitive to use and great for both camera and video!
  • The gift of language! Finding someone a private tutor would be an amazing gift! My sister did this for me last year. This post shows how I’m currently trying to learn Spanish.
  • Plan a day or weekend trip for a loved one! Even if it’s just something local.
  • Season pass to a local beach
  • TSA precheck
  • quality walking or hiking shoes
  • Someone suggested a race registration for a half marathon, which is such a cool and thoughtful gift!

For the self-care queen:

  • Onion goggles ($8.39) – LOL make the gift of cooking even more painless
  • Taper candles ($16.99) with candle holders ($22.98)
  • Happy socks ($27): these make me smile
  • Larissa Loden ‘fuck’ earrings ($34): HAHA I love these
  • Monthly flower subscription (starting at $44/month)
  • Sherpa slippers ($50): the comfiest!
  • Bellroy desk caddy ($59): the gift of organization always soothes me for some reason
  • Nuuly subscription ($88/month): when I tell you this adds such a slice of joy to me life. I just love it!
  • Dr. Dennis Gross wipes ($142): actually hooked on these. They’re the only thing that’s made a difference for my skin while wearing a mask so often.
  • Birkenstocks ($155): these are back as a trend I guess? Get cozy this season with new chill Birks!
  • Walking treadmill ($358): honestly considering getting one of these for my admin days when the weather’s so cold.
  • Find someone a therapist. You can use this post, but I’ve had the highest yield with HelloAlma.com and Psychologytoday.com
  • Tickets to a movie, show, musical, etc!
  • Plan a day to spend quality time together.
  • A fun little photoshoot!! If you’re local to Boston, highly recommend Erin Manning Photography!
  • Make a plan to donate the money you would have spent. This always makes me feel so good!
  • Offer free babysitting!
  • Books! I have a list of my favorites in my Amazon store front
  • Gift card for a self care item
  • Offer to meal plan/prep for someone


**some of the above are affiliate links. As always, I am so grateful for your support!

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