2021 Gift Guide

Ultimately aiming for simplicity / minimalism, but here are a few items I’ve been thinking about for the holidays this year.

For the homebody:  

  • Vitruvi : This has been a staple in my room for the past few years. It’s aesthetically timeless and works so well!
  • Caraway: I absolutely love my Caraway pans. They’re non-toxic and non-stick, and also just plain gorgeous!
  • Brooklinen: I have the linen core sheet set in cream and the duvet in caramel. Absolute luxury. Code twistoflemons20 for $20 off $100 (not an affiliate code, though does track orders).
  • A new cookbook! May I humbly recommend Dada Eats or the MCB cookbook

For the Boston local: 

  • Facial: If you’re in the Boston area, my favorites are Shannon from Noel Herbals  and Irena from SkinStudio in Brighton, MA.
  • Massage: Brigitte DeLashmette is my favorite. She does myofascial massage and it is unbelievable!
  • Urban grape: favorite local wine spot! 
  • My Boston guide (shameless plug)
  • Brightbar Boston: the BEST spray tans – so natural looking! Code LEMONS for 15% off
  • Names for Good: Really cute bracelets with 100% of proceeds going to local charities. Code LEMONS for 15% off purchases and proceeds going to Boston Children’s hospital. (not affiliate)

For the healthcare worker: 

  • Spanish lessons: I use Canopy Innovations for medical Spanish, and love it! You can even get CME for it. LEMONS for 15% off orders over $250 (not an affiliate code, just a nice discount!)
  • Comfortable shoes:
  • Food delivery or UberEats/GrubHub gift card. Can’t go wrong.  
  • Wine delivery: Unrooted wines was actually started by a PA and her husband! It’s a subscription company that brings 100% of wines from growers and producers that are serious about organic, biodynamic and sustainable farming. HIGHLY recommend!
  • Massage/facial (recommendations above for Boston locals!)

For the mover: 

  • Range: If you follow me on IG, you know I can’t shut up about Range. It’s a pilates-based movement style that incorporates all of my favorite things: intentional sequencing with a huge focus on mobility and stability. It’s founded and created by Kara Duval, who is local to Boston!
  • Bala bangles: if you’re ready to upgrade from using canned goods for weights during your home movement regimen – these are both gorgeous and functional!
  • Theragun: deep tissue massage gun for a fraction of the price! Think $40 compared to $400

On my wish list: 

Other gift guides:

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