2020 Gift Guide

I want to add mindfulness and thoughtfulness back into gift giving! This comes with all different price points, 15 ideas that are completely free, and lots of choices to mix and match for the ultimate thoughtful and mindful gift! 



  • Slow waking alarm clock ($129.95): With the sunset now happening at 2pm (okay, a bit dramatic), a slow waking alarm clock helps ease into the day. This one triples as a reading light, sound machine, and sunrise.
    • or this one ($38.00): a bit more budget friendly – Himalayan salt sunrise
  • Sun lamp: Because we’re all fighting those seasonal blues
  • a new wardrobe! curated by Lillian grey Charles: I heard about Lillian on a recent episode of the Girls Gotta Eat podcast. She helps level you up in the wardrobe department to become your most confident self!(female owned and founded small business)
  • backpack ($250): I LOVE this backpack. Oh baby it’s expensive, but this was my “first day of work” gift to me. Gorgeous and so comfortable! I have the sage color and love it.
  • New prints that kick butt! ($16.79): I love this print!! It’s so goofy and makes me smile! All my other prints in my apartment are in my apartment post.


  • Daily harvest meals: This is one of my favorite meal delivery services. Love the flatbreads, scoops, and smoothies, especially during those hectic weeks. Code DHKATIEL25 for $25 off your first order (prices vary)
  • Curate a box of wine from The Urban Grape (prices vary). an award-winning wine, craft beer, and spirits store located in Boston’s vibrant South End neighborhood. You can shop online by categories including “producers of color, female producers, as well as organic and biodynamic!
    (BIPOC owned small, local business)
  • City girl coffee (MN based and woman owned) or Broadsheet Coffee (Cambridge, MA) – make waking up happy! Because there’s no better feeling than starting to crave your morning cup of coffee by bedtime.
  • Our Pan to cook out of. this is my FAVORITE pan. Non-stick and non-toxic. I use it daily and love their plate ware and glasses, too. (LEMONS10 for $10 off) (female owned and founded small business)
  • Quip toothbrush: Up that tooth game in 2021. Love my Quip toothbrush! Such a useful gift and dare I say kind of stylish? 


  • Sisters body wash($22): smells AMAZING and microbiome friendly! Made by 3 sisters. 40% of profits donated to women’s health. 100% recycled bottles. Nontoxic, biodegradable and 100% naturally fragranced. (female owned and founded small business)
  • Dirty Lemon perfume ($65): My favorite scent! Light, earthy, herbal, and a little citrusy.
  • Palo Santo Essential oil ($42): This is my favorite! I’ll bring to work and put on in the bathroom when I start feeling stressed lolol. code LEMONS for 10% off
  • This works pillow spray ($29): Just like the name says, I genuinely think this works. It’s always next to my bed and helps ease me into ZzzZzland.
  • August Onset candle ($16): I have the spa day and it’s the perfectly to light at the end of the long day (BIPOC owned small business)


  • Make a playlist! My favorite playlists are on my Spotify.
  • Humidifier ($49.99): So important in the winter months. Especially after wearing a mask all day I need the added moisture at night when sleeping!
  • Air purifier (84.99): Doubles as white noise!
  • steam for face w essential oils: Why go to the spa when you can bring the spa to you. Also love putting this one when I do a yoga class in my apartment and adding a few essential oils to it! Code twistoflemons50 for 50% off
  • Guided meditation subscription (headspace, calm): the year is 2020. need I say more.


  • Zensory weighted blanked ($200) / new pillow ($170): weighted blanket, a good book, and a couch = weekend bliss. A new GOOD pillow is also an unassuming gift that’s perfect for the person that’s impossible to buy for. (WELCOME10 for 10% off sitewide – not an affiliate, just a sweet deal, though I am currently partnering with this brand for which I am compensated).
  • New jewelry!
    • Oma the Label: I LOVE these hoops ($49) (BIPOC and female owned small business)
    • Larissa Loden: One of my favorite businesses – absolutely adore their jewelry! The Poehler earrings ($34) are the ones I have! (female owned and founded small business).
    • Jaimie Nicole: Another favorite. My wrist is decorated with their jewelry! The Say Cheese bracelet ($88) is my favorite!twist15 for 15% off (female owned and founded small business)
  • Oui the people razor ($75): This razor is GORGEOUS! I got one for myself and love it! (BIPOC and female owned small business)
  • Frank and whit shampoo + conditioner ($29.95 each): New product alert! I do love all of the Frank and Whit products but this is one I’m really excited about. Code LEMONS for 20% off. For a whole list of my favorite skincare brands, check out this post.
  • the spritz of a new face mist to prep the skin for moisture ($26): love this hydrosol made by my friend Jeannie of Beauty Mystic! So relaxing and always a part of my day and night skin time routine prior to moisturizing.

Boston local: 

  • my boston city guide!: my favorite spots in Boston and 100% profits donated!
  • Urban Grape wine collection (prices vary): see above (BIPOC owned local small business)
  • Wild folk studio wreath (from $50): I have this gorgeous wreath about my couch. I’ve had it for a year and it’s still in perfect shape! (female owned and founded local small business)
  • Brown and coconut skin products (prices vary): one of my favorite brands discovered this year! I love the scrub ($22)and face oil ($28) (BIPOC and female owned local small business)
  • cecilia east west mugs (prices vary): favorite mug!!!  female owned and founded local small business)
  • Myrth ceramics: gorgeous mugs and plates!! They also have incredible vases. 
  • Jeremy Ogusky ceramics: more stunning ceramics!
  • Frugal Bookstore: love this spot to buy books! (BIPOC owned local small business)
  • Exercise subscriptions: All of these are Boston based!
    • EBF: $30/month – one of my favorite workouts!! Becca’s classes have been my favorite lately!
    • Kara Duval: $35/month – the classes that changed the way I think about movement. The most talented pilates and movement leader I’ve ever taken class from!! (female owned and founded local small business)
    • Erica Bornstein Yoga: $15 for one class or $36 for a class pack (4 classes). I love Erica!!!! My favorite yoga class! (female owned and founded local small business)
    • Elevate with Kara Lennon: prices vary and sliding scale. Kara is the best and if you’re looking to step up your movement game, this is it! (female owned and founded local small business)
    • Exhale spa: Join the virtual fitness challenge to be eligible for amazing prizes!!
  • BBB leggings! The BBBest leggings!!!! (female owned and founded local small business)
  • Contribute to your favorite local charity in your loved one’s name.  (both are BIPOC and female founded/owned small business)
    • The Courage Campaign: Founded by Ashley Mitchell: fitness extraordinaire, courage curator, community leader and educator, and absolute badass. This initiative was designed to help students of all ages develop inner strength through a holistic approach that combines movement with journaling and dialogue to inspire courage.
    • You Good Sis: You Good Sis is a collective for black and brown women looking for a mental, spiritual and physical check in. We strive to define and a create a specific space dedicated to the wellbeing of women of color. We are most proud of the people who consciously choose to be part of the community and continue to show up. Co Founders, Rach Junard and Jaylee Momplaisir, are both RYT-200 instructors specializing in both vinyasa and yin yoga.
  • Fascial stretch at WIM: $115 for a 60 minute stretch! Go see Bethany and your body will thank you!  A gentle yet effective way to increase mobility and decrease pain.
  • Facial from Shannon: $125 for 75 min. the most HEAVENLY experience I’ve had in awhile. All the products are natural and you’ll leave with a glow inside and out. (female owned and founded local small business)
  • Pies from Petsi Pies: Omg these pies. THESE. PIES! I brought to a Friendsgiving and they were a hit! (BIPOC owned local small business)
  • Beckon ice cream package! My favorite ice cream ladies now deliver! Plan an ice cream party with friends! (female owned and founded local small business)
  • Cleenland gift certificate  one-stop shop for low-waste, refillable personal and home care supplies. We also have reusable bottles, low-waste personal and home care (female owned and founded local small business)
  • Anything from olives and grace! Closed now but set to re-open in the new year. (female owned and founded local small business)

FREE gift guide

Some of the best gifts I’ve ever received haven’t required the purchasing of anything. Thoughtfulness and personalization are the keys to the best gifts. If ever a loved one mentions something they wish they had (more time, a night out, helping with something around the house), I’ll jot it down in a little note pad and save it for a rainy day! It shows you’re listening and thinking about that person!

  • Make a playlist – of songs, favorite podcasts: tailored exactly to your loved one’s taste!
  • Plan a weekend of activities! Sometimes after a very long week, I want to do something different but oh wow I do NOT want to plan anything. Just by setting plans in motion, you give a HUGE gift!
  • Help design a room / wall. That last design project that a loved one doesn’t want to do? Ask to help! Take the reins!
  • offer to make dinner – so simple. And yet a gift that never gets old.
  • Help find a therapist for a friend and set up an appointment. this one is HUGE! The process of finding a therapist can be entirely overwhelming. So offer to take that one. Blog post on how to find a therapist here.
  • Make meal plan / grocery lists: Rather than just making dinner, plan out a week of meals and do the grocery shopping / cooking! A whole week of not having to think about meals. Truly that is a gift.
  • Clean a home / apartment. Even if it’s just offering to clean the kitchen. one single room can feel like a HUGE present.
  • Offer to baby sit for an afternoon and plan a date night for mom and dad
  • Create a list of your favorite books with little synopses for a loved ones. That way it’s like you personally curated their bookshelf!
  • A list of your favorite movies or shows for your loved ones to watch.
  • Curate a new IG feed for someone!! Go through – unfollow and refollow for ultimate curated inspiration! 
  • Create a collection of your favorite memes to make your loved one laugh!
  • Give your time. Say – I have __ hours to give. How can I help you.
  • Recreate your first date at home!
  • Create a list of favorite recipes and make a personalized cookbook!


***some of these are affiliate codes, in which I receive a small kickback! Thank you for your support!

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