21 Favorite and Most Used Kitchen Items!

Out of my entire (550 sq foot) apartment, I probably spend the most time in the kitchen. It’s narrow and teeny but I just love it so. The light bounces so perfectly off of it in the morning, and it’s where I feel most at home. With that being said, yeah it’s small. So I don’t have room for too, too much. I’ve compiled a list of my absolute favorite and most used/cherished kitchen items below, ranging from all prices with links included.

  • Ice cube trays ($8.95): I know this seems like a silly perfect, but I can’t even tell you how many compliment I get on these large, square ice cubes. They’re perfect for anything ranging from iced lattes to cocktails! Made with silicon, so also sustainable!
  • Salt container($11.99): I feel ever so fancy when I take just a pinch of salt from this container and sprinkle it on my food. Perfect for not only food, but also as an accessory on any kitchen table!
  • Electric handheld whisk ($12): Love using this to blend up hot chocolate or the Four Stigmatic packets.
  • Spice organizer ($12.99): Because it’s a complete buzzkill when you spend 50% of your cooking time haphazardly picking up one spice and then the other until you finally find the garlic powder.
  • Matcha whisk: ($15). CONVINCED having this little wand makes matcha taste better. Especially when you’re your own barista lately.
  • Tea organizer ($19.99): Easily top 5 favorite purchases of both 2019 and 2020. Take that tea cabinet from zero to hero.
  • Weck jars:I use these CONSTANTLY. I love them for everything from nut milks to parfaits!
  • Espresso maker ($22.99): Re: what I said early about being your own barista. This cute little espresso maker is affordable, so easy to clean, and is the cutest addition to any stovetop. Warning: keep the flame low so that it doesn’t affect the glue holding the handle on.
  • Label maker ($25.80): The organizers DREAM. I love putting little labels on bulk pantry staples, like chia seeds and lentils. Takes things up a notch and is just so satisfying to look at.
  • Wine glasses ($34 for set of 4): Because, yeah.
  • Ceramics: prices vary
  • Bamboo tower ($52.49): As you can see my kitchen is quite small and I needed something for extra storage space. I LOVE this little contraption. Takes up very minimal space and is a great place to showcase your favorite and cutest items!
  • Cheese board ($59.50): Impress any and all guests with this gorgeous piece!
  • Large Cast Iron Pan ($79.95): I use my cast iron pretty much every single day. A little pricey but well worth it if you factor in the cost per use.
  • Barista (currently 20% off at 79.99 – regular price $99.99): Re: what I said above about being your own coffee shop lately. This thing really knows how to foam. I get sky high fluff factor using a homemade almond milk. Also super easy to clean and currently on sale!
  • Grill ($79.99): I standby the assertion that the sexiest things in the kitchen are grill marks. Love using this for not only grilled cheese, but the grills are also reversible and turn into griddles! So I also use it for pancakes.
  • Toaster ($149.95): Definitely one of my more expensive items that I asked for as a housewarming gift from my family. But it’s just so retro and cute and doubles as decor. Also toasts like a BOSS.
  • Vacuum ($159.99): Because all that cooking results in all that cleaning.
  • Kitchen aid mixer (currently $199.99, regular price: $259.99): Another something on the more expensive side but I don’t anticipate buying a new one anytime soon. I’ve had it for 5 years and it doesn’t show any side of aging!
  • Our place: I love the dinner for four bundle ($290). Like LOVE love. The plates are every so chic and I get compliments galore. I use the pan DAILY. And I adore how you can mix and match the colors for variety. Also, while they look like ceramics, they feel like normal plateware. I am sometimes sensitive to the sensation of cutlery on ceramic (a little grainy / nails on a chalkboard), and these are smooth as can be!
    • code LEMONS10 for $10 off
  • Blender($399.99): Again. Super expensive. But an enormously long life, and something I use once if not two to three times every single day.

**some of these items are affiliate links, and I receive a (very) small portion of the sale if bought through the link.

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