11 Classic Black Leggings for $30 and under

With most exercise being at home these days, maybe you’re in need of a new legging but don’t have $100+ to spend. So here are a few brands that won’t break the bank!

  1. Amazon high waisted black leggings ($19.95): If your definition of high waisted is going up to your sternum, then these are for you. They really stay in place when you’re exercising or dancing. I wore them for one of my dance performances and they were spectacular! They’re SUPER tight, though. And after about 6 months I got a rip in the back of them, right in the thass region (where thigh meets butt). I don’t regret the purchase at all. I’ve worn them countless of times in those 6 months and will continue to wear them.
  2. Aerie High-Waisted 7/8 Leggings ($27.96): currently on sale with great reviews!
  3. Aerie Bike Shorts ($24.46): The bike short trend is ripping through social media right now. These ones have good reviews per the people I’ve seen buy them on social media!
  4. Old Navy High-Waisted Elevate Power Legging ($30-35): I used to have a pair of Lulus that looked exactly like these. But these are a third of the price. Really good ratings and even come with a little side pocket!
  5. Target Rib Knit High Waisted Leggings ($23.99): these got really good ratings and looks so cute! A match bra is also available.
  6. Colorful Koala ($26.99): simple and super high waisted with great reviews! Came recommended by a reader.
  7. Asos Legging with Seam Detail ($29): high waisted and a cool detail on the calf while still keeping it classic black
  8. Target High-Waisted Contour Leggings ($20): another set of high waisted with pretty decent reviews, especially that they stay in place during exercise.
  9. GymShark 7/8 Leggings ($30): I haven’t personally tried this brand but have seen it everywhere on social with positive reviews! And decently priced at that.
  10. High Waisted Ankle Leggings ($19.97): from Nordstrom Rack and originally priced at $88. Pretty good price drop if you ask me!
  11. Ankle Crop Joggers ($29.97): I LOVE a good jogger. So comfortable and versatile!

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