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Navigating the ever-changing realm of healthcare is confusing and difficult. I'm here to help! Come for the info, stay for the puns.

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Hosting a Gluten Free dinner party with ALDI

Host a gluten-free dinner party with me featuring my favorite items from ALDI.

Establishing Group Medical Visits

Benefits to group medical visits and how I got my group visits set up!

Learning Medical Spanish

I set out a goal for myself to hone my Spanish with a hopeful attempt to eventually integrate it into my practice. Sharing some resources …

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i'm katie lemons

I love puns but after realizing there wasn’t much to make of a career out of them, I forged a punderful life in integrative healing rooted in medicine, nutrition, and mindfulness based movement. As a family medicine physician assistant, nutritionist, and yoga instructor, I strive to present and embody health in a realistic, accessible, and joyful way.