July 12, 2017



I love to walk around the city and instead of using a pedometer to track my steps, I like to think of my podcast listening as a PODometer (eye roll). The ever growing list is below, included with basic descriptions. If you have any you’re loving lately, please leave suggestions in the comments below!! Plus, in my workout bag: Cocokind organic rosewater toner (I use this and pair it with a moisturizer instead of washing my face after a sweaty workout),  coconut cherry bites (for before or after a sweat session), organyc beauty cotton pads (for the toner), and some headphones. All of this fits right in my mat carrier

I listen to podcasts on the app that came on my iPhone. I never had to download it. It’s simply called “Podcasts.”


  1. Science Vs: I’m not entirely sure how I feel about this one yet. General premise is debunking a lot of fads and strong opinions through providing empirical research studies to either support or deny them. Topics include: imitation, climate change, artificial sweeteners, etc. etc.
  2. One Part Podcast: Jessica Murnane runs this one, a plant-based endometriosis warrior. She interviews some of the top names in food, wellness, business, fitness, and designs, delving into their successes, setbacks, and secrets. 
  3. FX Medicine Podcast Central: If you’re just trying to slip into the realm of health and wellness and functional medicine, but need a distraction, this may be the podcast for you. The information is sound, guests are knowledgable, and you almost forget you’re learning due to hypnosis from the host’s Australian accent. Topics range from kombucha to autoimmunity, to gut health. One of my favorites.
  4. Primal Blueprint Podcast: I don’t listen to this one all too often, but I love Primal Kitchen Foods honey mustard dressing that I think it’s noteworthy. Each episode focuses on how to be healthy, strong, fit, happy and productive. 
  5. Fasting Talk: I get questions often about fasting and intermittent fasting and I typically divert to this podcast. Has great information and has cleared up a lot of questions for me. The guests on the show also talk about cool topics like alternate day and extended fasting and the hpsyicalf and spiritual benefits of fasting. BEWARE fasting and restricting are NOT  the same thing. If you are recovering from an eating disorder or have disordered eating habits, this podcast may be triggering and I’d definitely avoid it. 
  6. Bulletproof Radio: Admittedly there are times when I can’t stomach Dave Asprey, as it seems every 15 seconds he is self promoting his products or his book. In the beginning I didn’t mind it so much, but after a few months it was just a lot and I had to take a brief bulletproof hiatus. Don’t get me wrong, I like the products but literally there are times when the first 15 minutes is all ads. BUT the meat of the podcasts is usually awesome. They cover everything form hormone imbalance to what to do if you have a concussion – lots of alternative health and huge names in functional and integrative medicine. He snags awesome guests, which make the podcast worth it.
  7. The Balanced Blonde Soul on FireI can’t think of enough to say about Jordan Younger. I think she has solar powered sunshine internally generated from her cells because this girl is glowing at all times. Once vegan, the now eat-whatever-you-want-feel-amazing is totally redefining balance. Her genuine and kind nature is transparent in each and every person she interviews as well during her solo episodes. She covers everything from psychics to entrepreneurship to yoga to spiritual journeys. Well rounded and wonderful – the podcast and the person.
  8. Psychology of Eating: great tips for those struggling with overeating, emotional eating, binge eating, and difficulty with weight loss / overall desire to transform your relationship with food.
  9. Revolution Health Radio: Chris Kresser runs this one – a notable chiropractor and GENIUS in functional medicine. I learn so much from him. Most recent episodes are titled, “could gluten-free diets be harmful?” “how to slow down aging” and “why your brain makes you fat.” Just so cool. His voice is a bit monotone and drab but content is exclamation point so they offset each other nicely. 
  10. Balanced Bites: Modern paleo living with Diane Sanfilippo & Liz Wolfe: FAVORITE FAVORITE FAVORITE health podcast. They discuss a vast array of topics, ranging from women’s health to adrenal fatigue to thyroid dysfunction. And they interview amazing guests. Love. Enough said.
  11. Chasing Joy podcast: I was unsure whether I should place this in the health or the feel good heartwarming category. That’s why it’s last on the list and straddling the two subgroups. Georgie from InIt4TheLongRun hosts this podcast and her no-nonsense, “non douchey” approach to health and wellness is downright refreshing. Nothing complicated, just a 20 something figuring out how to navigate the world with an incredible smile and spirit. The description of the podcast is you’ll leave feeling “entertained, educated, and inspired to live a more joyful, energized life” and I couldn’t agree more with that statement. Topics include: following your intuition as an entrepreneur, adjusting to life transitions, harnessing the power of community, and intuitive eating / unlearning food rules.


  1. The Moth: true stories, real people. Many of the stories are told live and these are the recordings, turned into a podcast. About anything and everything related to the human experience: love, loss, struggle, motherhood, fatherhood, ANYTHING. A great way to stop thinking so much and realize you are a part of something bigger, and that others may be experiencing what you have experienced.
  2. Dear Sugars: This is the podcast that got me into podcasts. Hosted by Cheryl Strayed (who wrote Wild and is the ultimate truth teller) and Steve Almond. People write in with their problems and the provide advice. Topics run the gamut of being cheated on to cheating on someone, to fights with loved ones. It is about love, loss, and redemption. I feel like my emotional intelligence score has risen since starting to listen to it. Probably my most recommended podcast.
  3. The Good Life Podcast: So inspiring. How to live an engaged, connecting and meaningful life. I always finish an episode feeling more intuitive and mindful. 
  4. Modern Love: Ugh. I laugh and I cry each week. Celebrities read stories that were published in the New York Times’ Modern Love column (a column dedicated to love stories – some happy, some heart wrenching). They’re on the shorter side – only 25 minutes and oh so worth every one of those minutes.


  1. The Daily: my attempt to stay up to date on current events. Takes current events and turns them more into stories rather than just headlines. Each episode is 25-30 minutes. Powered by New York Times journalism.


  1. Side Hustle School: Short little snippets (each episode is only 7-10 minutes long) of how normal people are making their side hustles their main hustles. Super inspiring. Shows you just how amazing the human race can be and motivates you to bring your own ideas to fruition.
  2. How I Built This: Interviews innovators, entrepreneurs and idealists and how they built their empires. Some noteworthy interviews: founders of Lyft, Kate Spade, Spanx, Cliff Bar, Zappos, and Drybar.
  3. Ted Radio Hour: Each show is centered on a common theme and is drawn from various Ted Talks (e.g. success, leadership, forgiveness, endurance) and combines them into an episode. Then interviews the people who gave the TedTalks. Presents inventive and fresh approaches to old problems, and shows new ways to think and create.
  4. Hidden Brain: Combines science with storytelling, focuses on sociological trends / unconscious patterns that drive behavior and ways to solve them. Quote from the description: a way for curious people to understand the world. You’ll learn things like if you whisper into people’s right ears, your message will be better understood and remembered. Random cool tidbits of information from a dude with a cool accent.


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  • stella

    I love My Favorite Murder, Criminal, Every Little Thing, Spiritual but Not Religious, Bad With Money, and Invisibilia!

  • Kelsey

    You should give a listen to the Lively Show by Jess Lively. It’s somewhere between “Feel Good” and “New Ideas” and she expands on the Law of Attraction, if you know what that is. She’s a nomad traveling the world and she’s a life coach. She presents you with these out of the box ideas, and just challenges your perspectives on things. Very good listen!

  • Kelsey Beaton

    This list is pod-tastic! Thank you for sharing xx

  • Diane

    Ok now I’m going to have to listen to podcasts on 3x bc while we listen to a ton of the same podcasts 1-8 are new to me.

    • Katie

      Hahaha your IG videos are about to be indistinguishable if you start adopting 3x expedited speaking. I’ll still watch them religiously tho

  • Rebecca Merritt

    Love a lot of these podcasts and found a few new good ones I can’t wait to check out. I feel like you would really love the RadioLab podcast. It’s an interesting one if you want to listen to a non-health and wellness podcast.

  • Sami

    Are you a mind reader???? Katie OMG… THANK YOU for this list of GOODS!!! These recommendations came at the PERFECT time, and of all the 20-something wellness goddesses out there, I gravitate towards your blog and your vibe the most right now! My gut reaction was to shout THE MOTH, but I see it already made the list. I’m sure you have already listened to Serial and S-Town, but both are like wonderfully addicting books.

    • Katie

      Oh my goodness thanks so much Sami!! Smiling big time right now! I’ve gotta get on S-Town! Never heard of it – thank you!!! xo

  • Laura

    Check out The Model Health Show by Shawn Stevenson – I came across this via Tim Ferris podcast and have been listening to it since. It covers variety topics in Health, Fitness & Nutrition and he has awesome guests come to the show… folks like Dr. Mercola, John Gray, Mark Hyman, etc. And he has written an awesome book that helped me get my sleep back on track. Thanks for sharing your lists, definitely will add some to my list. ?

  • Leah

    Obsessed with That’s So Retrograde… I think I discovered it from your instagram? I need some more like this show!

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  • Sarah

    Thanks for the new ideas! FYI it seems that it is “Dear Sugars” and “The Good Life Podcast” in case that helps in the search:)

  • Amy

    Literally just subscribed to all of these!! One of my new favorites is Feel Good Effect. The Minimalists Podcast is also great under “new ideas.” Thanks for sharing! I’m always looking for new ones

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