March 23, 2016

Dark Chocolate Almond Butter Cups with Maca Powder and Probiotics

Dark Chocolate Almond Butter Cups with Maca Powder and Probiotics

Recently got into a bit of a verbal tussle when someone claimed my beloved organic dark chocolate peanut butter cups bought from Whole Foods were only minimally better for you than a traditional Reese’s.  I was morally wounded and visually offended.  But then I took a look at the ingredients on the back and they went a little something like this: organic powdered evaporated cane sugar, organic palm fruit oil, and organic soy lecithin.  Despite the deception of the word “organic,” these popularized pb cups still boast a decent number of added sugars and preservatives. Just like the dark chocolate itself, I was ~bitter~ (that 78% dark chocolate, gnaw mean?) at the fact that despite knowing I was making a better choice, I wasn’t making the best choice. So not only did I make my own dark chocolate almond butter cups with simple ingredients and no added sugars or preservatives, I even pimped them out with some maca powder and probiotics, enhancing their nutritional value. Maca helps balance hormones and increases energy and probiotics host a wealth of gut promoting health benefits, as I describe in my article here.

Anyways, these are a great (and easy) no bake treat to toss on the Easter dessert table. Plus if you make them you can text a picture of them to your grandmother to which she’ll reply “You are amazing. Have showed your website to my friends. They can’t believe it” equipped with her silver-haired bitmoji that says “You’re the Best!!” Man, I love that woman. She’s the ultimate smile maker. The recipe is below!


  • 2 bars organic dark chocolate (I used 85% dark chocolate…the darker the bitter! oops I mean better***)
  • 1/4 cup almond butter
  • 1 tsp maca powder
  • 1/4 tsp cinnamon
  • 1/4 tsp vanilla extract
  • 2 probiotic capsules
  • sea salt

Get to steppin’:

  1. line mini cupcake tray with paper liners
  2. melt one bar of dark chocolate
  3. add in one capsule of good quality probiotic and stir
  4. fill 1/3 of each cupcake paper liner with melted chocolate
  5. heat almond butter in the microwave for about a minute. stir until smooth and drizzly. add in maca powder, vanilla extract and cinnamon. stir until smooth.
  6. put a small dollop of almond butter mix in with the chocolate
  7. melt second chocolate bar
  8. add in the other probiotic capsule and stir
  9. spoon and cover almond butter / chocolate already in the cupcake liners with more chocolate, until covered.
  10. top each almond butter cup with a pinch of sea salt
  11. refrigerate 1-2 hours
  12. makes about 10 mini cups

Dark Chocolate AB cups 3 Dark Chocolate Almond Butter Cups

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  • Korine

    Most definitely will try this

  • Alex

    Love this! What brand maca and what brand probiotics do you use?

    • Katie

      Hi Alex! I use either Navitas Naturals plain maca powder, or The Natural Citizen Organic Energy, which has maca in it in addition to other good stuff like green tea extract and quinoa powder. You can currently get $10 off of a bag of the Natural Citizen kind if you use the code Lemons at checkout. And for probiotics, I use Designs for Health brand called Floramyces. xoxo

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