June 27, 2017

Beauty Product Shelfie

Beauty Product Shelfie

Here’s a shelfie!! Can’t keep my hands to my shelfie!! Here are a few items you should get your hands on along with some discount codes!

From the top:

  • Primally Pure Flower Bath Soak – smells of roses and is a mineral soak, meaning perfect for sore muscles or added relaxation before bed. Leaves skin feeling soft, smooth, and hydrated. Code lemons for a free lip balm when you add a lip balm to your cart.
  • Primally Pure Dry Shampoo – smells like mint chocolate chip ice cream that you get to sprinkle into your hair. If I had a signature scent, I think I’d want it to be mint chocolate chip ice cream. This dry shampoo gets me one step closer to that goal. Code lemons for a free lip balm when you add a lip balm to your cart.
  • Primally Pure Body Oil: I call this my spa-ottle because it is truly a spa in a bottle. I brought it to my birthday massage and she noted that it was the perfect viscosity for massages: not too thin and not too sticky. I use the lemongrass, and one smell and instant cortisol decrease. I adore this stuff. Code lemons for a free lip balm when you add a lip balm to your cart.
  • Primally Pure Sensitive Deodorant: This was one of the most recommended deodorants in my quest for an all natural deodorant. After I did a few rounds of rinsing with ACV and applying bentonite clay mask to the pit zone, it started working wonderfully. Smells similar to the lemongrass body oil. I’m very committed to the lemons brand. Code lemons for a free lip balm when you add a lip balm to your cart.
  • Cocokind organic raspberry toner: The first time I smelled this, I wanted to use it as a salad dressing. useful for those with oily or acne-prone skin. The acidity of the vinegar helps restore proper pH levels of the skin, thereby reducing the over production of oily af sebum. It absorbs the excess oil without over-drying skin. I’ll use this after a workout, followed by a face oil.
  • Cocokind organic rosewater facial toner: Ensures the facial region is  face is clean and pH-balanced. I use this a few times throughout the day or after a workout, similar to the raspberry toner.
  • Franklin and Whitman botanical steam: This is great for opening the old pores or if you’re super congested and looking for a bit of nasal relief. I do this either when I have a cold or before I do a face mask. Code lemons for 20% off.
  • Cocokind collective: This is one of my favorite things in my bathroom. I use the matcha stick daily, both under my eyes for extra moisture and for lip care. Adds just enough of a sheen to make the lips look dewy and not overly glossed. The turmeric stick I wear on multiple different occasions. 1. when I go out in public and don’t want anyone to talk to me 2. when I have a blemish and need it to scram. Lastly, the macabeet stick is the best blush I’ve found so far. Makes you look just slightly flushed, but glowy. You can also use it as a lip balm for a slight rouge.
  • Cocokind raspberry jasmine all over oil: Contains unprocessed raspberry seed and baobab oil to promote collagen production and rejuvenate skin. Luxurious as heck. I hate the word juicy but for some reason this reminds me of the equivalent of a “juicy” yoga flow. All around feel good, smell good, magic in a roller bottle.
  • Cocokind organic sea moss exfoliator: Sea moss is a seaweed abundant in protein, beta-carotene, magnesium, calcium, and vitamins B and C. When massaged on face, organic sea moss finely exfoliates and nourishes skin, bringing out a natural radiance.
  • Cocokind organic full brow balm: I think the name of this is incorrect. It’s the Brooke Shields brow balm. If I were to choose 2 items of make up for the remainder of my existence, it would be mascara and this brow balm. I wholeheartedly love it.
  • Cocokind organic matcha body moisturizer: When I was younger, I loved when my mom would buy the Pepperidge Farms chessmen cookies. Something about them – so butter, so rich, so smooth, with a hint of almost orange? I’m not sure what the hint was, but it was delightful. And that is exactly what this matcha body moisturizer smells like. Take the hint and try some.
  • Franklin and Whitman face mask bowl kit: If you can’t afford to get a facial every week, but still want to replicate that feeling of luxury: this bowl kit. The strands on the brush are so smooth that I think application of face mask may indeed be more therapeutic than face mask itself. Makes face mask mixing so easy. Code lemons for 20% off.
  • Lani tropical hair treatment: I got this awhile ago and still use it. It mimics a coconut oil hair treatment, and contains camellia seed oil, coconut oil, kukui nut oil, and macadamia nut oil. Can be used can be used as an overnight treatment, a pre-shampoo treatment, a frizz taming serum and it also works brilliantly as a defence against damages caused by the sun, sea and chlorinated water.
  • Briogeo leave in conditioning spray: Sometimes I’ll throw this in after the shower if I’ve been using a lot of heat treatment in my hair. Leaves it feeling super soft, silky, and smooth.
  • Franklin and Whitman hair serum: This is what I use every day as a heat treatment out of the shower. It works as both a heat treatment as well as a curl enhancer. The East Falls smell is my favorite!
  • Hello toothpaste: I use the fluoride free whitening toothpaste from Hello because I have thyroid irregularities in my family. Fluoride competes with iodine to bind, and if fluoride binds instead of iodine, thyroid irregularities can result. It’s also mineralizing which I need because recently took a little trot to the dentist to discover my enamel has seen better days and I refuse to give up citrus foods. It’s in my last name that this would be entirely prohibited.
  • Ecodent gentle floss: Amazing ingredients and lasts forever! Plus, the box isn’t plastic.
  • Juice Beauty sunscreen: Formulated without parabens, petroleum, propylene or butylene glycol, sodium lauryl sulfates, pesticides, phthalates, artificial dyes or synthetic fragrances AND contains aloe. So this protects from the sun and nourishes skin all while being nontoxic.
  • Organyc cotton make up pads: Use these to take off eye make up
  • Dr. Remedy nail polish / nail polish remover: Nail products that don’t contain formaldehyde, formaldehyde resin, toluene, camphor or pthalates or DBP. I have the nail polish remover as well as wisdom white and loyal linen colors.
  • Franklin and Whitman body scrub: Every day in the shower to increase circulation and to stimulate the lymph system. Paired with dry brushing. East Passyunk is my favorite scent! Code lemons for 20% off.
  • Franklin and Whitman cleansing serum: Gets ALL make up off the first time around. I use the cotton make up pads to first remove eye make up. And then apply to whole face before washing off in a circular motion with a face cloth. Code lemons for 20% off.
  • Franklin and Whitman face scrub: I do this 3-4 times a week to prevent formation of black heads / scrub them out. The tea tree oil (both antiseptic and anti-inflammatory) in the Fitler Square scent leaves nice little tinglies all over the face region. Code lemons for 20% off.
  • Franklin and Whitman mineral soak: Perfect for sore muscles. Plus, magnesium from the salts is readily absorbed through the skin, making for a better snooze. Code lemons for 20% off.

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  • Victoria

    hi Katie!!

    thanks so much for posting this awesome list- I have recently been looking to switch over to natural beauty products and this has given me some serious inspiration and ideas!! quick q– what shampoo/conditioner do you use/recommend?

    thanks in advance! xoxo

  • Kennedy

    You have me lusting over all of these products. Got get my hands on some cocokind PRONTO

  • em@onwardsandupwards

    I didn’t know about the fluoride/iodine connection and have thyroid issues. This is very helpful info- thanks for sharing your knowledge!

  • Cassidy

    Hey there! So personally love the Frank and Whitman face scrub. However, my jar doesn’t seal so I constantly feel like I’m losing product and the jar is greasy from the oil. Is this just a coincidence and a case of bad luck?

    • Katie

      Oh no! My jar is sometimes greasy from the oil, so I make sure to wipe down the top and the sides each time I use it, especially where the top screws on. Hope this helps!

  • Jenny

    Hi Katie,

    I also like Frank and Whitman products. These products are really effective on my skin leaving a smooth and soft finish.skin. Thank you for sharing these products. I don’t have beauty product shelfie and I’m planning to have one :).

  • Erica

    I can’t find any info about the acv and clay mask for your pit! Can you explain more!?! Thanks!!

    • Katie

      A bentonite clay mask you buy! And then ACV you just rub apple cider vinegar on your pits using a swab out of the shower. This really helped decrease the inflammation for me when I experienced a reaction from the baking soda.

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