In 2014, I graduated with a bachelor’s degree in psychology, psykaleogy if you will, from Loyola University Maryland. I then pursued a path to dietetics and public health, though was interrupted by a growing desire to enter the medical field. I began working at a hospital, noticing the intrinsic link between diet and chronic disease. I then found a Master’s program online through the University of Western States that married these burgeoning passions: nutrition and functional medicine.

I will finish my Master’s in July of 2017, and enter Northeastern’s PA program in late August. My ultimate goal is to hold titles as both nutritionist and primary care Physician Assistant. This intention provides the necessary skill-set to prescribe more than just pharmaceutical interventions to chronic disease and illness. I plan to integrate nutrition into my future medical practice, focusing on how food can be used as a preventative wellness plan, as well as a source of psykaleogical wellbeing and vitality.

If the girls / girls were anything, who would you like to see together as a couple? Get me camvey.com!

What began as a hobby, this site and its associated social media fingerlings are now a pun-packed passion.  Since healthy food has been genetically passed on to me (see: last name Lemons), I use this platform to present all of my favorite recipes and habits with a twist – foods and behaviors that taste good and make you feel good; it should never have to be one or the other. I’m also using this site as an excuse to post my favorite food puns.  It’d be a KALEamity not to, you know?

Visit my Frequently Asked Questions page for more information about my education background and endeavors.

Interested in collaborating? Email me for my media kit: Twistoflemons@gmail.com


  • Bridget

    I love this.

  • Morgan

    Hi Katie!!

    Love this site and all of your ideas! Thanks for giving examples of what brands you use and how you food pair for better absorption. Also love the “superfood spotlight.” And can’t forget the puns!

    I’m curious… where do you get your food from? Do you ever order anything online (like the maca or acai powders)? I want to eat well without breaking the bank! Thanks!!

    Just put my overnight oats in the fridge – excited to try them in the morning!

    Morgan 🙂

    • Katie

      Hi Morgan! Maca powder I buy at Whole Foods (Navitas Naturals brand), but anything you find online that is organic would be just the same. The great thing about it is that a bag lasts me usually for 4ish months because the serving size is so small (1 tsp.). It really does improve my energy in the morning. I had given up coffee for awhile and found that I was just as energized after a smoothie with maca (computer just autocorrected that to caca…which brings my flighty attention to another point – it doesn’t taste great. Make sure to add it in smoothies / other meals with strong flavor profiles so as to mask its taste) in it. Acai powder honestly I bought once and probably won’t buy again. I mostly like to get my nutrients from whole food sources themselves, so if you’re going to splurge, get the Sambazon frozen acai packs (unsweetened!) and have it once in awhile as a weekend treat. They last in the freezer indefinitely, so you don’t have to worry about your money going to waste. Can’t wait to hear how your overnight oats came out, and hope this helps!

  • Michael Labonte

    Dont judge the sludge smoothies with sass

  • Audra Davis

    I just love your approach and your personality that shines through! Keep being authentic, it really is enchanting. Have a happy day!

  • Brooke

    Hey there Katie!

    I just found your Instagram page which led me to your website! As a fellow health food blogger it is so fun looking at new recipes and becoming inspired by my peers. I saw on Instagram that you are a medical nutritionist student, which is something I am actively pursuing myself.

    May I ask what your academic background was in/ what your program is? I majored in Psychology in my undergraduate studies but am looking for a nutrition program. Feel free to email me as well if you don’t wish to share your personal information!

    Thank you so much for any advice! Cheers from California. 🙂


    • Katie

      Hi Brooke! I also majored in psychology in undergrad, and then took a lot of science courses post grad in preparation for applying to PA school. Since my passion is nutrition and I plan to integrate nutrition education into a future medical practice, I am pursuing a master’s in nutrition and functional medicine from the University of Western States before I enter PA school. It’s an incredible program and I am loving it so far! Hope this helps 🙂 Katie

  • Angela

    Love the new site, Ms. Lemons!

  • Demi Richter

    Hi Katie!

    Huge fan! I recently have partnered up with my local park district to create a blog/ site that incorporates nutrition, exercise and healthy lifestyle as well as connecting community members to amazing park district programs that keep them living a healthy lifestyle! As one of my foodie- health nut role models will you shed some light on how you created such a great blog/brand? Specifically how did you build your site?

  • Megan

    Love love love this website and your IG feed! Your insta stories are always funny and informative!

    Keep KALEing it in the health world!

    xox Meg

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